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Meet Jasmine

Learn To Paint with Jasmine

I truly believe that everyone can learn to paint and make art they are proud to share with the world.

Even if they’ve never touched a paintbrush in their lives.

On the flip side, I feel the act of painting is a great way to connect/reconnect with yourself, while benefiting from therapeutic effects that can both heal and empower you.

Regardless of what the end painting looks like.

jasmine k

My goal is to balance both sides of the painting journey:  making tutorials that help you grow your painting skills but also nurture the therapeutic effects of painting. Putting less emphasis on getting things “perfect” and more focus on being present in the moment and surrendering to the flow of creation.

Because that’s where the real magic happens.

If you’ve ever dreamt of painting with luscious acrylics, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube painting channel . There, I’ll be sharing easy painting ideas and detailed step by step painting tutorials and techniques for beginners, that you can unleash your creative spirit with.

Follow me on Instagram. to know when I publish new tutorials (and sneak peaks of upcoming tutorials).

If you’re just getting started with painting, here’s some suggested readings to get your started:

  1. How To Use Acrylic Paint  (an A-Z guide to getting started with acrylic paint)
  2. Acrylic Painting Supplies (a list of my fave painting supplies)
  3. Acrylic Painting Tips (35 Awesome painting tips to get you started)
  4. 55+ Easy Painting Ideas (if you’re ready to start, this list is full of inspiration)
  5. Online Painting Classes (convenient e-books and courses about painting)

Life is like a blank canvas, the possibilities are endless…

A little about me

My name is Jasmine and I’m a computer engineer by trade with a side of art & all things crafts. I’ve been doodling, drawing, sketching from a young age (printer paper, a good ol’ unleaded pencil, and a kleenex for shading did the trick), and then transitioned over to acrylics & oil paints in my late teens.

I’m (mainly) a self-taught artist, whose been dabbling in acrylic paints & mediums of all kinds for over 20 years (check out my artist portfolio).

I enjoy painting in many styles like abstract, portraits, mixed media, etc.

If you want to learn a bit more about my journey into painting/art, check out this post about my creative journey into happiness and wellbeing.

Other nifty facts about me:

  • I’m Indo-Canadian and love my maple syrup (yep, even in my coffee -so good!)
  • Wife and mother of 2 amazing little people – my most favorite creations of all
  • I have a small patch of silver/white hair I got when I was a kid
  • I enjoy coding ( I have a published app on Google Playstore which I made as a passion project)
  • Cheesecake and coffee (with maple syrup of course) is my fave dessert duo
  • My mother and I are both named after flowers
  • My favorite artist is Maud Lewis
  • Pineapple and green olives are my fave pizza toppings
  • Favorite movie is Interstellar
  • Cherry blossoms & butterflies are my artistic musesjasmine khinda


I hope you enjoy your time here and find some creative inspiration.

Here’s to living a more creatively fulfilling life, finding your inner artist and feeling nifty doing it!

Peace, love and color

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