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83 Easy Painting Ideas For Kids That Are Fun and Creative!

If you’re looking for some easy and fun painting ideas for kids, you’ve come to the right place! Below you’ll find various painting projects and activities for a wide variety of ages. From toddler-friendly painting ideas to painting ideas for young children and older children. Painting is a great way to both build self-esteem of kids and also to help them develop their creativity.

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What Do Kids Use For Painting?

There are a few types of paints that are both safe and easy for kids to use. The types are: acrylic paints, tempera paints, washable paints, watercolor paints, food coloring /DIY paints and fluid paints. I’ll go over them in detail below.

Types of Paints

  1. Acrylic Paint /Craft Paint. This is the most popular choice as it’s easy to use with a variety of projects. Keep in mind that acrylic paints are permanent so once dried they don’t wash off.
  2. Tempera Paint. Very similar to acrylic paint but is washable in nature. It dries matte and fades in color over time compared to acrylic that dries glossy and doesn’t fade as much. Use tempera paints for cheap projects where the longevity of the colors doesn’t matter.
  3. Washable Paints. Some brands like Crayola carry a line of paints that are both designed for kids and are washable.
  4. Watercolor Paint. Watercolor paints are quite different in nature compared to acrylics/tempera. Watercolors are transparent while acrylics are opaque. Both acrylic and watercolor are water soluble, however watercolors are not permanent. If water touches any dried paint, the paint will reactivate, unlike acrylics which are permanent once dried.
  5. Food Coloring / DIY Paints, Food coloring is another cheap/easy item that can be used in kid-friendly paint recipes (below). You can use food coloring to create ice paints, DIY sidewalk chalk/paint, bath paints, use in salt paintings and even create some safe edible paints.
  6. Fluid Paints: Kids can make some messy and fun pour paintings with a more fluid type of paint. Use acrylics paints or washable paints mixed with a pouring medium to make fluid paint. Once mixed with the pouring medium the paints become fluid and kids can tilt their canvases to move the paint in different designs.

Types of Brushes

The best of of brushes to use with acrylics is synthetic brushes. You can get a variety pack with different shapes and sizes. Kids can use the brushes to make different marks and get creative with them.

Types of Surfaces

Kids can use a variety of surfaces with acrylics. A few of them are listed below.

  • White card stock paper
  • Construction paper
  • Stretched canvas
  • Cardboard box
  • Watercolor paper
  • Canvas board
  • Rocks
  • Glass jars / mason jars
  • Foil paper
  • Large leaves

Safety Tips

Acrylic paints / art supplies can be safe to use, but it’s best to still supervise kids (especially young kids). You’ll want to make sure they use them responsibly, and don’t in-jest it/ inhale them. It’s also important to make sure the paints you use are safe for kids.

The pigments in some high end acrylic paints can contain some chemicals (like lead, cobalt, chromium, cadmium, and manganese). To rest assured the paints don’t have harmful/toxic ingredients in them you can look out for the AP (Approved Product) Seal by ACMI (The Art & Creative Materials Institute).

Kid-Friendly Painting Ideas

Below you’ll find 83 fun, easy and creative painting ideas for kids. Theres something for all ages from toddlers, and younger and older kids a-like!

83 Painting Ideas For Kids

A collection of fun, creative and easy painting ideas and art activities for kids of all ages.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.