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Acrylic Painting Supplies

Below you’ll find a list of the acrylic painting supplies I would recommend for any beginner acrylic painter.

Acrylic Painting Supplies List

As a beginner I would recommend the following:

  1. Student Quality Paints
  2. Inexpensive Brush Set
  3. Canvas support
  4. Palette
  5. Easel (optional)
  6. Palette Knife
  7. Brush Cleaners (optional)
  8. Graphite paper (optional)
  9. Spray bottle (optional)
  10. Acrylic mediums (optional)
  11. Paint Sealers (optional)
  12. Paint Supplies Organizer (optional)
  13. Canvas Paper (optional)
  14. Extend Drying Time Acrylic Mediums (optional)

1.Acrylic Paints

My go-to paints for beginners are Liquitex Basics and Artist Loft brands

2. Paint Brush Sets

These paintbrush sets have a good assortment of brushes for beginners

3. Canvas & Canvas Papers

Some examples of different canvas supports you can paint on. Stretched Canvas, Canvas boards and Canvas papers.

4. Paint Palettes

Mix your paint on reusable waterproof plastic palettes, or disposable paint palette papers.

5. Easels

Easels to help you paint in any space. A couple of options here: an adjustable easel and a tabletop one.

6. Palette Knives

Palette knives are important tools to mix your paint with. Either plastic or metal ones will do.

7. Paint Brush Cleaner

You can clean your brushes with water and mild soap, but here are some additional paintbrush cleaner options.

8. Black Graphite Transfer Paper

Use graphite paper to help you transfer pictures/drawings to canvas using the picture transfer method in this blog post.

9. Spray Bottles

Use big spray bottles to keep your paint wet on your palette. The small water misters are great to keep paint wet on canvas to help with blending.

10. Acrylic Mediums

An assortment of the most popular acrylic mediums to add different affects and textures to your acrylic paints and paintings.

11. Sealing Your Painting

Seal your finished paintings with either gloss varnish (glossy finish) or matte varnish (matte finish).

11. Paint Supplies Organizer

Having all you supplies together in a small grab and go type of carrier can help save time in your painting process. It also makes it easier to paint on a moment’s notice.

13. Canvas Paper (optional)

Canvas paper are thick sheets of paper with canvas-like texture which you can paint directly on. It’s an inexpensive way to practice painting, using in a printer to paint stencils directly on to (DIY Paint By Number stencils), use for paint night’s, as DIY paint kits, etc…

14. Extend Acrylic Paint Dry Time (Optional)

I mix in the following acrylic mediums with my paints to extend the drying time so my paints don’t dry too fast on my palette or canvas. This can be very useful for blending work when you need your paints to stay blendable for longer.

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