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75+ Cute Pumpkin Painting Ideas To Unlock Your Inner Artist

Looking for pumpkin painting ideas ? This curated list of pumpkins will walk you through an entire host of pumpkins, from easy and beginner-friendly to artsy and cool pumpkins. This list has a few kid-friendly pumpkin painting ideas too ! This way it could be a family art project.

You don’t have to be an established artist, but you’ll find you’ve got a whole lot of ideas after looking at these pumpkins. Choose a few favorites from the list, and try your hand at making them.

And if you’re looking for more painting projects for inspiration check out these 65+ easy painting ideas,

If you’ve never painted a pumpkin before there’s an FAQ at the end of this post for you to check out.

77 Pumpkin Painting Ideas To Get Inspired

This list of pumpkin painting ideas will bring you a lot of inspiration, from princesses and spooky characters, to pets and nature, to minimalist pumpkins with a creative streak. There are ideas for big pumpkins and mini pumpkins, and many of these work well together (either stacked or as a theme).

Most of these pumpkin painting ideas require a thin brush, a round brush, some really well pigmented acrylic paint, a few metallic ones, and glitter if you want to get fancy.

Now let’s take a look at the list and get inspired.

77 Pumpkin Painting Ideas

77+ pumpkin painting ideas for some gourd-geous gourdes this fall. Ideas for all ages and skill levels: from easy kid friendly ideas, to more advanced.

Pumpkin Painting FAQ

What’s the best type of paint to use for pumpkins ?

The best paint for pumpkins is acrylic paint. It has a better grip, is usually very pigmented, dries very fast, and can easily be applied in multiple layers. If you mess up, it can be removed with water very easily.

What’s the metallic paint on pumpkins ?

The metallic paint is usually acrylic paint, but with a metallic finish. You can use this for accents, or to paint the entire pumpkin if you like. If you’re doing the whole pumpkin it’s easier to work with spray-paint (also metallic).

How long will a painted pumpkin last ?

Your pumpkin should last for several weeks, as long as it’s not cold enough and not directly exposed to water (snow, rain, mist, spills, etc). Acrylic paint is water-sensitive, so if you live in a very humid area and will keep your pumpkins outdoor be sure to use a sealant when you’re done (preferably spray version).

Does the pumpkin need a primer ?

A coat of primer is necessary to give the paint something to stick to. You can use a spray-on clear acrylic sealer in a matte finish so the paint can properly stick to the smooth surface of the pumpkin. Otherwise the pumpkin is too shiny and you’ll need more coats of paint. Be sure to wipe down the pumpkin with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or dried juices from the skin, before adding the primer.

So there you have it, pumpkin painting ideas to last you for several Halloweens. Be sure to stay in a well ventilated area when painting your pumpkins, and dress in clothes you won’t mind staining. Have fun !

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.