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50+ Landscape Painting Ideas For Beginners

Easy Landscape Painting Ideas

Looking for landscape painting ideas? This collection of 50+ curated landscape painting tutorials will be sure to satisfy all skill levels, from beginner to more advanced painters alike. A wide variety of landscapes ranging from sunset, sunrise, desert, tropical, forests, galaxy, mountains, etc.

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Landscape Painting Tips

Below are some quick and easy tips for beginners to make your landscapes looking great and easy to paint.

  1. Use color temperature: cool colors in background and warm colors in foreground to create the illusion of depth to the viewer’s eye.
  2. Use a reference photo to help paint realistic details in your painting
  3. The best way to paint a landscape is painting the background first then add foreground elements
  4. Create a focal point in your painting to help create more interest in the composition.
  5. Use the rule of the thirds to know where to place your focal point.
  6. Ultramarine blue paint makes a perfect blue sky color for any landscape painting.
  7. Use double loading brush method to create smooth blends in sunset background
  8. Add easy silhouetted trees, mountains /hills in front of any background to create in easy beginner friendly landscape scene.
  9. Use the atmospheric perspective phenomenon to create the illusion of depth in your painting: things further away from the eye are lighter/duller (I.e faded) in color and not as vibrant as things that are closer to the eye (foreground etc.) . Mix a bit of black and white paint into a vibrant color to tone it down to use in background elements.
  10. For a more realistic painting, add a variety of different tones of one color. I.e. if you’re painting a green treed forest, add a variety of greens to add dimension and richness.

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50+ Landscape Painting Ideas For Beginners

A collection of 50+ landscape painting ideas to get your inspired.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.