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Cute DIY Father’s Day Card – Fish Cupcake Liner Craft

Make this DIY Father’s Day card, handmade by kids for a special gift for all dad’s out there! It’s also easy and simple -using cupcake liners and other simple craft supplies.

Father’s come in many different forms: rough and tough, strong and sentimental, logical and sound,etc.. But the one thing they all hold in common is: they love their children. They also melt (either secretly or openly) when they get something made by the hands and hearts of their kids! A Father’s day card, handmade by their child, is something they’ll cherish.

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make an easy and cute fathers day card that’s handmade!

This craft uses pretty basic craft supplies, and one surprising baking supply – cupcake liners!

I think most of us have an abundance of these cupcake liners lying around, so why not re-purpose them in another way- that doesn’t require eating-all-the-cupcakes?

And if you’re looking to make your dad a gift to go along with this fish card, then check out these 80+ easy painting ideas for kids or these fantastic 75 craft ideas with paper. If cupcake liners are your jam though, here’s another fun card idea you can make with them: cupcake liner layered flower cards.

For this craft (in terms of skill levels) this project works well as a father’s day craft for preschoolers, kindergartners, school aged kids, etc. My kids really enjoyed making it (4 and 7) – and each put their own spin on it!

Here’s the tutorial, hope the kiddos enjoy!


  1. Cardboard paper
  2. Cupcake liners (standard size)
  3. Googly eyes
  4. Popsicle stick
  5. Twine/yarn/string
  6. White paper (printer paper or any other type)
  7. Glue (love this stuff!!)

Father’s Day Card making Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Take your cardboard paper and fold it in half

2. Roughly cut a wave shape on your white paper then glue it to the top of the card (this will be the sky portion). You can also use baby blue paper or even draw on clouds after wards if you wish.

3. Take your cupcake liner and cut about an inch off the border by folding it in half and cutting. Save the cut portion of the cupcake liner for a later step

4. Stick you cupcake liner (color side up) onto the blue cardboard using glue

5. Using another cupcake liner, fold it in half then cut a triangle shape at the end of it (this will be the fin). Glue it in place as the fin

5. Stick a googly eye(s) on the fish and then draw on a mouth with black marker

6. For the fishing rod portion of the craft, take a popsicle stick, put some glue on one side and wrap your twine/yarn around the end of it

Stick the popsicle stick and yarn to the card using more glue

7. Take some pom poms and stick them to the end of the string on your card. These will be the fishing goody “baits”.

8.With your leftover cupcake liner scraps, from step 3, cut out some “seaweed” shapes and use glue to stick them how you like.

9.Personalize your card by writing a message to your dad/grandpa. Feel free to use “Hooked on Dad” , or you think of anything else that your dad will find special.

I hope the kids enjoyed making this father’s day card and learned a bit about simple father’s day card making. I know all the fathers receiving it will cherish it more than you can imagine. And not because of the craft – because it was handmade by they kiddos!

Here are some extra pictures of all the fathers day cards we made.

Happy Father’s day to all the wonderful fathers out there – and until next time, stay creative!



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.