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How To Paint Daisies for Beginners (Easy Painting with Youtube Video)

How To Paint Daisies

Looking for an easy tutorial on how to paint daisies? Then this tutorial is for you! Below you’ll find an easy to follow, step by step painting complete with pictures and instruction. It also includes a YouTube video (for those who prefer video instruction). This is a beginner level painting suitable for all skill levels and those who’ve never painted before.

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How do you paint a daisy for beginners?

Daisies are an easy flower to paint and a great subject matter for beginners to practice their paintings skills with.

Daisy petals are painted with a simple one-stroke technique (see tutorial below) that also helps grow your paint brush skills. It’s also suitable for beginners because you just need a couple of basic paint colors (white and yellow).

Once you learn the basic technique you can paint daisies on anything! From wood signs, rocks, to jars and beyond – the ideas are endless (see section on daisy painting ideas below for more inspiration).

Yield: 1

Easy Daisy Acrylic Painting


Learn how to paint daisies in this easy step by step tutorial. This painting is perfect for beginner painter's and those just starting out with acrylic paint.

Active Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Difficulty Beginner
Estimated Cost $15


  • 10"X10" Canvas
  • Small Round Brush (size 5 or 1/8" wide)
  • Fan Brush ( size 4 or 1" wide)
  • Small Flat Brush (size 10/ or 1/4 " wide)
  • Large Flat Brush (3/4 " wide)
  • Cadmium Yellow (or any yellow paint)
  • Titanium White
  • Light Blue Permanent (or any light blue)
  • Hookers Green (or any dark green)
  • Burnt Umber (or any brown)
  • Jar of water
  • Paint Palette


    1. If you would like to follow along with video instructions check out the YouTube video.
    2. Using your ¾" wide brush load some light blue paint on it and then using horizontal back and forth strokes, fill in the background until halfway down the canvas. how to paint daisies background
    3. Without cleaning off your brush add some white to one corner of your brush (double loading).How to Paint Daisies double loading background
    4. Using the double loaded brush blend in the paint using horizontal strokes until 3/4 of the way down the canvas.How to paint daisies blue background
    5. Create some bright green paint by mixing some light blue with your yellow. Without cleaning off your brush add this green to one corner of your brush (double loading)Daisy field painting double loading background
    6. Using the double loaded brush blend in the paint using horizontal strokes until the bottom of your canvas.Daisy painting background
    7. Using your fan brush create some grass strokes along the bottom edge of your canvas, using the dark green paint. Use light upward sweeping motion to create the grass-like strokes. (TIP: pretend like you're sweeping some crumbs upwards)Daisy field painting green grass
    8. Add some titanium white to your dark green paint to create a lighter shade of green. Then using the same upward sweeping strokes, create some lighter grass strokes with your fan brush.How to paint daisies grass highlights
    9. Wait for blue background to dry. Using your 1/4" small flat brush, load it with titanium white paint. To create the one-stroke petals, use the chiseled side of your flat brush. Use light pressure to start the stroke then increase the pressure as you work your way down the petal. Then lift off with light pressure.How to paint a daisy petal
    10. Continue using this one-stroke petal technique all the way around the to paint a daisy flower petalshow to paint a daisy white flower
    11. Add some smaller petals in between the larger ones. Make smaller petals by applying a lighter pressure on the brush when making the to paint a daisy acrylic
    12. To create the side view daisies that are pointed up towards the sky, use the same petal strokes but form the flower in a shape of an to paint daisies one stroke
    13. Fill in your canvas with more daisies (side view, front view). You can use the small round brush and practice creating similar looking flowers too (using the same technique as the flat brush).how to paint daisies acrylic for beginners
    14. Using your small round brush, fill in the centre of your daisies with burnt umber (or any dark brown). For the front view daisies the centres will be circles, for the side view daisies the centres will be little to paint daisy centers
    15. Using your small (1/4") flat brush add in flower stems with the dark green paint. Use light downward strokes with the chiseled edge of your brush, starting from the flower down to the grass. TIP: using thinner paint will help make these strokes easier to make. Thin down paint with a tiny bit of waterhow to paint daisy flower stems
    16. Using the same brush and technique with the flower stems, add some long blades of grass. But instead use an upward stroke. Start your stroke from the grass with a light upward stroke.How to paint daisy field with blades of grass
    17. Using your small round brush add some yellow over top of your brown flower centres. Since yellow is a bit translucent paint by nature, if you want the yellow to be brighter, keep layering. Or mix in a small amount of titanium white with your yellow to make the yellow more to paint dasies white with yellow centers

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Finished Daisy Painting

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Daisy Painting Ideas

Once you learn how to pant a daisy then you can paint it on almost anything. Check out the list below for some daisy painting idea to get inspired:

  1. Paint daisies is a jar
  2. Daisy painted rocks
  3. Daisies in a basket painting
  4. Paint daisies on a wooden sign
  5. Painted daisy mason jar
  6. Paint loose watercolor daisies
  7. Pink gerbera daisy closeup painting tutorial

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