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How To Draw a Butterfly – Easy & Fast

How To Draw A Butterfly – Easy Step-By-Step Drawing Tutorial

Learn how to draw a butterfly in this step by step drawing tutorial for kids, teens and adults.

This monarch butterfly drawing tutorial with simple steps was created in conjunction with my how to paint a butterfly step-by-step tutorial. You can even draw a butterfly in this abstract butterfly painting.

Other ideas is to color it in with crayons, markers, watercolors- it would even make a nifty rock painting idea. You can get creative and both draw and color your butterfly with different colors and patterns!

How To Draw a Butterfly Step-By-Step

The trickiest part of drawing a butterfly is getting its wins to look symmetrical or equal on both sides.

To make it easier to eyeball the wings symmetry we’re going to draw both wings together in unison. It’s much easier that way.

Let’s get to it and draw a beautiful butterfly!

How To Draw a Butterfly – YouTube Tutorial

Click on the image below or this link [how to paint a butterfly Youtube tutorial] to start watching the full length video.

Step 1

Draw the butterfly’s head thorax and abdomen. This trick will centre the butterfly in the middle of your paper. The body is made of the head (a circle), a middle thorax (oval), and abdomen (oblong oval), 2 eyes (semi-circles on either side of the head) and 2 antennae.

Fun Fact: some butterflies antennae are straight and some are curved, depending on the butterfly species.

Step 2

Draw 2 curved lines from the top of part of body (on either side). Try to make these lines equal in length and arch.

Step 3

Draw 2 straight lines from the center of the body (on either side). Make the lines equal in length.

Step 4

Draw 2 curved lines from the bottom part of the body (on either side). Make lines both the same length and arch.

Step 5

Draw a squiggly line to connect the top of the wing to the middle (horizontal) line. Do this for both sides of the wing

Step 6

Draw 2 diagonal lines from the end of the middle line. Make sure they are the same length.

Step 7

Draw 2 semi-circles connected the diagonal lines from last step and bottom arch lines. Your butterfly overall shape is now complete. Take a step back and make sure both sides are looking roughly equal. Take this chance to fix any areas that stick out.

TIP: It also helps to flip your picture upside down and take a look. Flipping gives your eyes a fresh perspective and you can much easier see if your butterfly is looking symmetrical.

Step 8

Draw 4 tear drop shapes inside each wing.

Fun fact: The markings and color on a butterflies wings are different per species. The colors and patterns help the butterfly to camouflage, protect, attract mates and more. If you want some inspiration for your butterfly art check out this website which has pictures of 50+ species.

Step 9

Draw 7 straight lines in each wing quadrant (from the tear drop shape to the outer edge).

Step 10

Draw a bubble like border around the outer edge of the wings

Step 11

Using your pencil fill in the bordered area between the bubble border and outer wing.

Step 12

Add some semi-circles and “D” shapes for the top 3 sections on the top of the wings. We will fill in around them in the next step

Step 13

Fill in around the patterns you drew in the previous step (using pencil). Also draw small circles along to top edges of the wings

Step 14

Thicken all the lines between the sections on both wings

Step 15

Fill in the body, and you’re done!

How To Draw a Butterfly – Summary

Below you’ll find an overview step by step summary on how to draw a butterfly.

How To Draw Butterfly -Ideas

Here are some fun and easy ideas to fill in your butterfly:

  • Color in with coloring pencils, crayongs, markers, acrylic paint, watercolors
  • Draw a butterfly on a rock
  • Art journal
  • Paint on mini canvas as a gift
  • Paint/color in any color you like : orange, blue, pink, purple, etc.
  • Draw a butterfly on a flower
Yield: 1

How To Draw a Butterfly - Easy & Fast

how to draw a butterfly

Learn how to draw a butterfly easy and fast. For complete beginners.

Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost FREE


  • pencil
  • paper


  1. Follow the how to draw a butterfly YouTube tutorial (full length).
  2. Follow along with the step by step instructions above.
  3. Optional: Color/paint in your butterfly wings and body using the ideas above

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