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How To Draw The Moon

While I was creating a moon painting last week, I took a step back and wanted to learn how to draw the moon in the most simplest of ways while still mimicking the real thing.

Although I used these moon drawing steps in my easy moon painting , you can also use it in any moon art project you can think of. It’s easy for kids, teens and adults a like!

To draw the moon you’ll first trace a large circle on your paper using a bowl. Then you’ll add some darker areas on the moons rocky surface by drawing some simple irregular shapes and filling them in with dark grey pencil/crayons. Next you’ll add some “0” shaped craters and you’ll finish off by coloring in the moon with a light grey crayon/pencil. I’ll go over more detailed steps in the tutorial below.

How to Draw the Moon Tutorial

Yield: 1

How To Draw The Moon

How To Draw The Moon

Learn to draw the moon in this easy step by step drawing tutorial

Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost FREE


  • pencil
  • paper
  • dark grey and light grey coloring pencils /crayons/ markers
  • large bowl/circular object/compass (optional)



  1. Draw a large circle by tracing around a large bowl/circular object, using a pencil. Alternatively you can free hand your circle shape or use a to draw moon step 1
  2. Draw and fill in large shapes inside the moon, using a dark grey pencil/crayon/marker. These will be the darker areas of the moons rocky to draw moon step 2
  3. Draw in a few smaller circle shapes, using the same dark grey crayon/pencil. Color them in. These will be the darker moon craters. how to draw moon step 3
  4. Draw 4-5 small "0" shapes (small ovals), and don't fill them in. These will be the lighter moon craters. Tip: If you'd like more realistic details in your moon, you can draw fine rays (lines) coming from the craters' centre and streaking outwards, which are called ejecta to draw moon step 4
  5. Color in the white spaces around the craters/dark shapes, using a lighter grey pencil/crayon/marker. Make sure not to fill in the centres of the white craters, and leave them white. how to draw moon step 5
  6. (Optional) Color in the night sky with some dark purple or blue, draw in some clouds crossing the moon and/or add some sparkly stars in the sky to complete the picture! Or use this moon drawing in any project you can think of.howe to draw the moon step 6

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Moon Art Drawing Ideas

Draw the moon as a giant mural, paint with some glow in the dark paint on a t shirt, or some fun kid friendly moon crafts /activities. The list below has some fun and unique ideas you can use your moon drawing in.

  1. Paint a moon in a night scene mermaid painting
  2. Giant DIY moon mural, like this one
  3. Chalkboard moon art, like this pinterest idea
  4. Paper plate moon craft
  5. Sun and Moon Art for Kids
  6. Glow in the Dark Moon T-shirts
  7. Moon Phases Activity Craft for kids
  8. Paint in the moon in a galaxy painting

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