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Minion Party Ideas- Birthday Cake, Fruit Tray, Minion Balloons and FREE printable cake topper

DIY Minion party ideas that are inexpensive and easy to make. Great for any Minion fan – young OR old! Includes a free Minion Cake topper printable at the end of this post.

DIY Minion Party ideas fruit platter balloons poster

July is birthday month in our family. To start things off, it was my son’s birthday. His simple request was a Minion cake.

I couldn’t resist and searched for a few more easy to make Minion party ideas that would make his eyes light up!

I’ve included all the easy Minion party ideas I ended up making along with instructions on how to make them below!

I’ve even included the Minion cake topper template as a FREE printable for you to use. (Check out the end of this post for that)

P.s If your looking for other super easy birthday cake ideas, check out this Bunny candy cake, and this super easy Monster Truck Cake

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Minion Fruit Platter

Ingredients for Minion Fruit Platter

1. 2 Pineapples

2. 2-4 quarts strawberries

3  1 quart blueberries

4. A couple of pineapple leaves

5. Printed Minion eyes. I bought mine for the Dollarstore. If you shop online here are some.

Step 1

Cut your fruit into small pieces starting with the pineapple. Assemble the pineapple into a minion shape on your platter first

minion birthday fruit platter DIY with instructions

Step 2

Add in the blueberries as the Minion overalls. finally add the strawberries for the background.

minion fruit platter DIY birthday party idea.jpg

Step 3

Add in a few blueberries to add a smile to the Minion. Finally, add your printed minion eyes to the Minion’s face.

I also improvised and added a few pineapple leaves as wispy hair on top of the Minion’s head.

minion birthday fruit platter DIY pineapple blueberry strawberry

Minion Balloons

I just blew up a few yellow balloons by mouth (NOT helium), then added some printed Minion eyes with scotch tape.

I used a black Sharpie marker to draw on some funny Minion mouthes and hair. The balloons were stuck to the wall with tape and they stayed for the entire party!

Minion Poster

For this Minion party idea, I used a yellow bristol board from the Dollarstore as the background.

To make the huge goggles, I took a dinner plate and traced large circles onto a white bristol board and cut them out.

The same thing was done for the brown circles and finally colored in the pupil with a black Sharpie. I also cut a couple of rectangles out of black construction paper for the goggle straps.

Everything was taped into place using double sided tape.

I free handed the wording with a font similar to the Minion movie title and  finally added a couple of pictures of my son to finish things off.

Easy Minion Cake Idea: Edible Paper Cake Topper

This cake was made by our local Grocery (Sobey’s) store, it was a delicious half chocolate half vanilla slab cake topped with a whipped vanilla icing.

I’m a big fan of their cakes- they are really tasty and they bake them fresh the day of.

They also make it very EASY to print out customized designs on edible paper. This makes the cake a little more unique and doesn’t cost very much extra, since you design it yourself.

I used Canva to design the image and then just gave the bakery the jpeg file on a USB stick and they printed it out and placed it on the cake for me.

I’ve included this Free Minion cake printable topper at the end of this post, just in-case you would like to use it for your little Minion fan! When printed out it should fit nicely on any half slab cake.

By the way, I am not affiliated with Sobey’s, I’m just a big fan of their bakery cakes – I’ve been buying them for years!

My son was so excited he went straight for the blue icing and almost took a chunk out, before we lit the candle! Ooops!

Minion Cake with Edible Paper Design Topper

Hope you enjoyed my simple Minion party ideas. Let me know what you think and feel free to share them!

Next up, my daughter’s bunny cake for her bunny inspired birthday- which was only days after our Minion Party! More on this in my next post.

Yup, lots of sugary, fluffy birthday cake goodness for our family this month!

FREE Minion Printable Cake Topper

I’ve included 2 file formats (jpeg and pdf) for the Minion Cake topper. Print either of them for personal use only.

If you would like it customized with a name, age. Save the PDF version and you should be able to type in your own text.

Here they are, enjoy!

Minion cake topper printable-edible

Minion cake topper printable-editable

DIY Minion Balloons for a Birthday Party Yellow/>
DIY Minion Fruit Platter easy birthday party decoration/>

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.