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Thanks a Latte FREE Printable – Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

Say “Thanks a latte” to your kids teachers with this super cute FREE printable and teacher appreciation gift ideas.

thanks a latte

If you’re looking for a cute(and creative) teacher thank you printable, you’re going to love this “Thanks a Latte” Printable.

We designed it as an end of year teacher appreciation gift- and I’m super excited to share it with you and YOUR teachers.

Last year I made these DIY teacher appreciation tote bags, and the teachers loved them.

This year I chose gift cards, because I feel they’re always a hit with teachers. That way they can treat themselves to something they enjoy and feel a bit spoiled (as they should for all they do for our kids).

Although these make great teacher appreciation gifts, you can use these cards to gift others in your life too. The wording on the card says”thanks a latte for all you do”, which can apply to anyone, really.

At the end of this post, you’ll find 3 different “Thanks a latte” printable designs. One for Starbucks gift cards, one for Dunkin Donuts gift cards and one for Tim Hortons gift cards.

Download your FREE Thanks a Latte teacher free printable, at the end of this post.

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DIY Teacher Gifts

Although you can simply buy the gift card and give as is, it’s nice to put in a little extra thought and get creative at the same time!

And don’t worry, it won’t take you long (especially if you have a few teachers you need to make it for)

It’s a quick and easy gift idea.

I’ve also included a few ways you can use these free printables for teacher appreciation gifts- to present to your teachers (see pictures below).

Whichever way you decide to gift it, your teachers will appreciative the extra details and thought that you put into it.

And they will feel special. As they deserve to feel.

Let’s start with some gift ideas…

Teacher Gift Ideas : 5 Creative Ways to Show Your Appreciation

1. Starbucks Frappuccino with Thanks a Latte Printable gift tag

Simply buy some bottles of Startbucks Frappuccino and tie a nice ribbon around with the thanks a latte tags (FREE printable at bottom of this post).

TIP: Use a hole punch or toothpick to make a small hole in the paper to insert the ribbon.

2. Starbucks clear cold beverage cup with Thanks a Latte tags

Grab some free plastic Starbucks cups, with a green straw and fill it with your gift card and OPTIONALLY some fancy shredded tissue paper fillers.

If you want to avoid disposable plastic, you can buy a reusable Starbucks cup(with straw) cup instead.

Tie a nice ribbon around with the “Thanks A Latte for all you do”, tag (FREE printable at bottom of this post).

TIP: Use a hole punch or toothpick to make the hole for the ribbon.

3. Thanks a latte card in a Starbucks Coffee Cups

Grab some free coffee Starbucks cups (with lids), and fill it with your Starbucks gift card, your Thanks a Latte card (FREE Printable at the end of post) and OPTIONALLY some fancy tissue paper fillers.

If you want to avoid disposable cups, you can buy a reusable Starbucks coffee travel mug.

Either cut out the “Thanks a Latte” coffee cup or leave with border. Place it into the coffee cup along with Starbucks Gift card.

4. “Thanks a Latte” Gift Card Holder that’s a Bookmark

If your looking for a simple teacher appreciation gift, use the Thanks a Latte card (FREE Printable at bottom of post) and create a bookmark out of it!

Simply laminate it with these self adhesive laminating sheets , and poke a hole to tie a pretty ribbon on top. And Voila! A teacher thank you printable turned into a bookmark!

You can easily tape your Gift card to the back , along with a nice message.

Front Side
Back Side

5. DIY Tim Horton’s Gift Card Holder with Ribbon

Treat your fabulous teachers with a Timmies gift card and DIY gift tag to match! The super creative and cute tags below were created by Stacey from Tiny Teachers. She made them and presented them to her kids wonderful teachers.

Yield: 1

Thanks a Latte Free Printable Designs


Thanks A Latte FREE Printable

Prep Time 4 minutes
Active Time 1 minute
Total Time 5 minutes
Difficulty 1
Estimated Cost FREE


  • Cardstock paper or printer paper
  • FREE Printable "Thanks A Latte" Design


  • Scissors
  • Printer


  1. Save your FREE "Thanks a Latte" design found below (Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or Tim Hortons) either as .png or pdf version. (The pdf version will be editable). Right click and "save as".
  2. Use thick Cardstock paper (looks better) or printer paper and print the .png or pdf file. All designs will be 5" x 3" on st
  3. andard printer paper.
  4. Cut out the "Thanks a Latte" design with scissors (or leave with background) and use with the gift ideas above.


Use the Teacher Appreciation Gift ideas above for some inspiration on how to use this "Thanks a Latte" design..

Did you make this project?

Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Pinterest

Thanks a Latte Printable Designs (FREE DOWNLOADS)

Here are the free printable teacher appreciation cards. Download either the PDF or click on the image and “save as” .jpg.

1. Thanks a Latte Printable Starbucks

2. Thanks a Latte Dunkin Donuts Printable

3. Thank you Gift Card holder for Tim Hortons

And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed this post, and the free printable teacher thank you cards. Enjoy making your creative gifts, I’m sure the receiver will love them!

Until next time, stay Nifty!



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thanks a latte free printable

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Tuesday 30th of June 2020

Jasmine, thanks for the super sweet share. These are perfect last minute teacher gifts for my homeschooler to give to the two tutors th at helped make this homeschool a success in School House Redd Christian Academy

Jasmine K

Tuesday 30th of June 2020

Most welcome Felicia!! Glad you liked them :)


Monday 20th of April 2020

what a great gift. Thanks for sharing ur awesome idea.

Jasmine K

Monday 20th of April 2020

Most welcome Jay!

Dominic Yoder

Wednesday 20th of November 2019

Wonderful content, we’re going to do this on our own blog page. Thanks for sharing.

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