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64Hydro Review: Water Tracker Bottle

64Hydro review: 32oz Water Tracker Bottle

In this post I will be reviewing the 64Hydro (32oz size) water bottle. The sunflower / butterfly design on the front was a custom design that I had originally hand painted (using acrylic paint and ink), and was then transferred to the bottle by the 64Hydro team. I’ll go over more details about the quality of the design below.

My current go-to water bottle is my 32oz Hydroflask, so throughout this post I will be comparing the 64Hydro with the Hydroflask.

Let’s get started!

64Hydro Review: Features

Beautiful Design Options

I love my Hydroflask but they’re pretty plain out of the box. The one thing that struck me with 64Hydro is their eye-catching designs that make these bottles pieces of art.

There’s an impressive assortment of designs to choose from on their site. Taking a quick peak at their site, I counted over 50 categories – amazing!

From sports, dogs, jobs (nurses, teachers, etc.) to animal designs and more! There seems to be something for everyone. Check out their website for their most popular categories like faith, sunflowers and mermaids, among others.

The other nice thing is you can personalize & add your own name to some of their designs. Nifty!

And if you’re wondering about the quality of the designs, they are superb.

The colors/quality of the image is crisp, beautifully vibrant and very glossy. Although it’s an adhesive, it looks and feels embossed (raised)- which I thought looked quite sharp.

Bottle Size

This bottle holds up to 32oz of water which is what I am used to with my Hydroflask.

I like this water capacity for 2 reasons: First, (and most importantly) I only have to fill up my water bottle twice a day to drink the recommended 64 oz of water. Secondly it’s not overly large where it feels like I’m lugging around a behemoth jug everywhere I go.

Most standard size water bottles sizes (like Swell, Contigo etc.) are usually under 25 oz, so I really like the 64Hydro’s 32oz standard sizing.

The other convenient feature of this bottle is it’s narrow bottle width. This makes it easily fit into any standard car cup holder and easier to hold in your hand. I know this might not strike you as important, but I’ve struggled with my 32oz Hydroflask on many occasions, because it barely fits my car’s cup holder(I have to squeeze it in).

The fact that the 64Hydro fit effortlessly into the cupholder, was a huge plus for me.

Oh yeah, it also fits nicely in a standard backpack mesh water holder. Another check for me, since we hike a lot.

Water Tracker Timestamps

If you love the idea of gamifying your water drinking habit then you’re going to love this feature.

On the flip side of the 64Hydro water bottle design is a gorgeous and motivating time-stamped water tracker (see the picture below).

Stay on track with your water drinking goals on an hour my hour basis. All while reading cute and positive self-affirmations.

Love it!

Wide Mouth and Smart Flip Lid

The wide mouth of the 64Hydro makes it super easy to fill up my water bottle and toss in large pieces of ice and fruits for water infusions (I’ll get to that part down below).

Another nice feature is it’s one-handed opening technology. I can flip the lid open with a one handed button press (yay!!) . I need two hands to open my Hydroflask, so this was another nicety of the 64Hydro.

There’s even a lock on the lid which prevents the button being pressed accidentally (like if it’s in a gym bag, purse, by a toddler, etc.). I was impressed with this level of detail.

Fast Water Flow Technology

I put my husband to the test for this part because he’s picky when it comes to water bottles and water flow (his current go-to is the Thermoflask).

And after just a few sips, he was impressed.

He mentioned that he felt he could control the amount of water that flowed from the 64Hydro, which he liked. With his Thermoflask it pours out and forces him to guzzle it down, so he liked the fact that he could control the water flow (without having to work too hard) much more with the 64Hydro.

My Hydroflask has a spout where I have to suck the water out which I’m not a huge fan of to be honest. So I also really enjoyed the fast flow spout of the 64Hydro bottle.

Not sure how they did this, but it’s a great feature!

100% Leakproof

I tested this out but filling up my bottle and flipping it upside down for 30 seconds and giving it a good shake.

Not a drop.


Fruit Infusion Filter

The typical infusers water bottles I’ve seen in the stores come with a little insert where you throw your fruit into. This means you have to make sure you cut your fruit small enough to fit into the filter and it’s another clunky thing to clean.

With the 64Hydro you can throw in huge chunks of fresh/frozen fruit directly into the water bottle itself. The smart filter sits on the mouth of the bottle which prevents pieces of fruit (and seeds) from getting through.


Flask Strap

This nifty strap is a nice added detail that allows you to carry your bottle by hanging it on your wrist. I can see myself using this when going on walks around the neighbourhood in the summer when I don’t bring my hiking backpack.

64Hydro Review: Shortcomings

I honestly love this bottle.

The bottle’s features and build quality alone impressed me. And the bottles beautiful high quality designs just took it to another level.

There isn’t much not to love about this bottle.

There were only a couple of things that I thought were worth mentioning.

This bottle isn’t insulated. But that’s not a huge deal for me personally because I use my bottle mainly indoors so the water stays cool. When I head outdoors in the summer I plan to throw in a few large ice cubes (thanks to its large mouth size!) which should keep the water cool for longer.

It’s also not dishwasher safe. Which wasn’t a big deal either or even a big surprise as these days many water bottles aren’t dishwasher safe (my Hydroflask isn’t either). Plus, since you’re only using water in it, it’s easy and fast to clean.

64Hydro Review: My Final Thoughts

From the moment I opened the box, I was blown away with the quality and color of the design (I’m an artist, so design is super important to me).

Then when I thought things couldn’t get any better, I used it.

From the one-handed easy open lid, motivational water markers, the fast water flow technology and slim design – it’s pretty much the perfect water bottle.

Will I continue using it?


Going forward, I’ll be reaching for my 64Hydro to help me stay hydrated on a daily basis.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.