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How to Host the Most Colorful Sip and Paint Party

There’s nothing you can’t conquer with a paintbrush in one hand and wine glass in another – well, that’s the underlying motto of all sip and paint parties.

Over the past few years, the popularity of sip and paint events has skyrocketed. Art studios across the country are now hosting these gatherings, inviting people to draw and socialize while sipping on a beverage of their choice. While all events are unique, they follow a similar structure where an artist offers detailed instructions on how to paint. On average, these sessions last for two hours and usually cost $35 or more, depending on the location and other factors.

But, did you know that you can host a perfect sip and paint party all by yourself? Even if you’re a beginner painter yourself, there are many ways you can organize a fun-filled night for you and your friends to hang out, paint, and drink.

Whether you’re looking for sip and paint ideas, or looking for a complete guide to running the most success and fun sip and paint party, this post is going to help you out.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to host the most colorful sip and paint party.

Step 1: Finding the Right Place and Style

The first thing you need to do is select the venue and format of your sip and paint party. 

Hosting Virtual Sip and Paint Events

Virtual sip and paint gatherings are a perfect way to spend quality time with friends and loved ones who either live in different parts of the country or follow strict social distancing guidelines. You can enjoy all the elements of a quintessential paint and pour – yet another name for sip and paint parties – from the comfort of your home.  

Hosting In-Person Sip and Paint Events

While virtual parties are fun, they cannot hold a candle to in-person sip and paint parties.

You can host an exciting sip and paint party inside your home or in your backyard, provided you have enough space to fit all the people you are planning to invite. If you decide to organize the paint stations in your house, please note that an average dining table may only be enough to hold four to six easels.

So, if you are inviting more than half a dozen friends to join this get-together, you may want to rent or borrow a few tables.

Deciding the Event Style

Typically, sip and paint gatherings involve a professional artist teaching attendees how to paint. However, since you are holding this event at your home, hiring an instructor may not be an option. Therefore, you may want to set up your TV to cast a video tutorial that can help you and your friends create stunning artwork at your own pace.

The Cherry Blossom Paint and Sip Video Package by Feeling Nifty are great for beginners looking for creative sip and paint ideas.

You can watch this step-by-step painting tutorial to learn how to create a beautiful cherry blossom tree using Q-tips and acrylic paints. It also includes a comprehensive sip and paint guide, paint stations setup walkthrough, supplies checklist video, and more.

Step 2: Choosing the Right Painting

Now that you have decided on the venue and format of your event, it’s time to pick a painting that you plan to recreate.

Acrylic flower painting can be a good idea for beginners who are just learning how to paint. If you and your friends are new to the world of painting, you can consider drawing lavenders, sunflowers, and roses, among other blossoms.

Here’s another place where you can look for more sip and paint party ideas or this big list of 60+ painting ideas (most are sip and paint friendly). If you’re hosting for a younger crowd this list of 83 painting ideas for kids will help you gather some painting ideas.

It is also a good idea to choose paintings that require simple color schemes and easy techniques. Beginner-friendly images featuring primary colors are a great choice for these events. They will allow you to relax and de-stress without worrying too much about the final outcome on the canvas.

Meanwhile, if your sip and paint group comprises people who enjoy painting and boast some experience in the field, you may want to pick a composition that is a bit more detailed and elaborate.

You can also check out my easy acrylic painting tips for beginners to create your first masterpiece.

Step 3: Getting Painting Supplies

There are a few different ways you can approach this step. For example, you can either buy everything yourself or distribute the list of supplies among your friends. If you have some of these supplies already present in your home, it will significantly reduce the overall cost of your sip and paint party.  

Here are some of the essential supplies you will need to make your event an absolute hit.

Acrylic Paints

When it comes to painting for beginners, acrylic paints are the safest choice. They are easy to blend, quick to dry, and relatively budget-friendly. Check out the

Paint Brushes

Get a fine point, medium, and large flat acrylic paintbrush for each table.

Canvases and Easels

If you are using acrylic paints, consider using a canvas instead of paper to recreate the painting. In addition, don’t forget to buy easels to hold the canvases in place.

Step 4: Setting Up the Sip and Paint Workstations

Let’s look at some sip and paint ideas to create beautiful workstations.


Good lighting is the key to creating gorgeous artwork. Hence, consider placing additional lamps or hang fairy lights in the room where you are hosting the event.

Table Covers

Whether you are using your own tables or renting a few for your party, make sure to cover them with tablecloths to protect the surface.

Tip: Don’t forget to cover your floor with plastic sheets to avoid damage in case of accidental spills.

Party Food

Finger food goes hand in hand (no pun intended) with sip and paint parties. Whether you opt for acrylic flower painting or choose something more elaborate, you may want to prepare food that is easy to munch on without creating any mess.

Party Drinks

There is no sip and paint party without drinks!

If you’re hosting the night, consider buying a variety of wines and other beverages for your guests. Alternatively, you can ask the attendees to bring their own booze. Moreover, don’t forget to serve tea, coffee, or soda to friends who may not want to indulge in alcohol.

Paper Towels

Keep at least one roll of paper towel at each workstation. It will make the clean-up easier and allow your friends to wipe their hands clean before touching other things in your house.


Don’t want to spill paint or wine on your favorite dress? Consider wearing an apron! They can protect your clothes against unwelcomed stains.

Hair Dryers

Want your painting to dry quickly so you can move on to the next part and complete the whole thing in time? Hairdryers are a perfect tool for that. This hairstyling equipment will ensure your painting is perfectly dry in no time.

Paint Supplies

Each work station should have the following items: canvas, jar of clean water, paint brushes and a paint palette. You can keep the paints int he middle of the table so everyone can share and grab paints as they go.

Step 5: Start Painting

Once you have decided the venue, chosen the painting, bought the supplies, and sent out the invites, it’s time to let your hair down and enjoy a memorable night with your friends. Since you will be hosting this gathering at home, you will likely be able to carry on the event for a few hours.

Moreover, you can check out my Beginner Painters Starter Toolkit for more tips and advice on how to paint.

Clean-Up Tips

  • Soak brushes in water to prevent paint drying on them
  • If any of your guests gets paint on their clothes, you can check out 10 ways to remove paint from clothes to help them
  • Use soap and water to wash paint off palettes
  • Paint dried on hard surfaces like a table? Wipe away while paint is still wet, or try peeling off once dried


Whether you call them coffee and canvas, paint and pour, or drink and draw, these sip and paint ideas revolve around creating a fun and relaxing environment. These events allow you to hang out with your friends, enjoy your favorite drink, and let your creative juices flow as you express yourself through art.

The first step to hosting a colorful sip and paint party is choosing the venue and style of your event. Next, you must choose a painting that everyone would enjoy recreating. I would also recommend using acrylic paints as they are easier to work with.

Additionally, you should buy paint supplies for each workstation and then set them up for your guests. Drinks and food items are also a must-have at these gatherings. Once everything is in place, you can start painting.

For more sip and paint ideas, stay connected to Feeling Nifty. You can also get in touch with me to share your feedback and questions.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.