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30+ Clever Ways to Organize Your Craft Supplies

Organize your craft supplies with these easy 30+ DIY craft room ideas that are both functional and perfect for small spaces. From painting supplies, sewing, knitting, paper and beyond. You’ll find plenty of craft storage solutions here!

Have you ever wanted to start a crafting project, but gave up after the thought of having to find any of your supplies?

I’ve been there!

I was frustrated with my craft storage options, so I decided to redo my crafting area. I created an Ikea craft table hack that helped me organize all my gear.  I now have everything at my fingertips, and never hesitate to start a new project. 

I learned that it’s more enjoyable to craft, when everything is organized.

If you’re looking for more craft table or desk hacks, check out this list of 20+ Ikea desk hacks. Lots of potential DIY craft table ideas there too!

As I searched for other craft organization options, I came across some brilliant ideas that I wanted to share with my fellow crafting souls. Because I believe every crafter wants an organized and functional space to craft in.

Here’s over 30 craft room ideas and craft organization ideas for small spaces that I am super excited to share with you.

Let’s get started…


1. Ikea Craft Table Hack


This simple, counter-height Ikea craft table is perfect on a budget at $100!

The legs are adjustable so you can lower the table to sitting level or raise it up to counter-height level. And it’s high enough that you can store a handy and organized craft cart with wheels, right below it. Learn more ideas on how to add craft storage to this desk in the post.

Read more about this Ikea Craft Table Hack.

2. DIY Large Pegboard (IKEA HACK) with Dollarstore Accessories

Pegboards are super popular, and no wonder – they’re a great way organize just about anything.

This Large Pegboard can be hung easily (like a picture frame) since its framed using a popular line of frames from IKEA (The Ribba). Use this pegboard to organize your paints, brushes, markers, hot glue guns, ribbons, craft paper and more!

You don’t need any floor room for this pegboard organizer – just wall space- which makes it perfect for small spaces. It’s a functional and pretty craft room idea.

The pegboard accessories are from the Dollarstore and include some pretty nifty finds. Check it out this DIY large Pegboard ideas

3. Craft Cart with Wheels and Pegboard


This versatile craft cart has 3 large shelfs to store a ton of craft supplies. It also has a built-in pegboard with accessories (hooks and pencil holder) to get even more organized. Nifty!

Another feature is the ribbon dispenser and wrapping paper roll organizer- which can be sued to store long rolls of vinyl, etc. Read more about this craft cart with pegboard here.

4. Small Space Craft Storage Cart

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This mobile craft storage cart is a great option for small spaces. It has plenty of storage and the table top feature makes it very useful for crafting.

It’s quite lovely, you can even incorporate into your home decor. Check out more pics on amazon on how they blended this crafting storage cart into home decor, nifty!

5. Marker Stash Organization

If you have a Bullet Journal and have a big stash of pens, makers and pencils then you’ll appreciate this handy and inexpensive marker organizer.

It not only beautifully displays your markers but you can also organize them by color so they are easy to grab while you’re mid-project. And it’s small enough to fit in most places. Check out this marker organizer.

6. Paint Storage Display

This handy wooden paint storage organizer is a great way to get your paints all organized.

Placing the bottles bottom showing allows you to tell the color. It makes it much easier to pick them out for any project . Check out this this paint storage organizer

7. Yarn Storage Basket

This pretty yarn caddy basket is collapsible and has multiple needle storage insert holders. You can quickly pickup and store you knitting projects on the go. Checkout this knitting storage basket.

8. Spool and Embroidery Thread Rack

This inexpensive wooden thread and spool rack is a simple solution to keeping all your threads displayed in one place.

It’s small enough to be put onto a small shelf or onto a desktop .

Storing them in a color coded way would be very efficient, so that when you need a certain hue, its grab and go. You’ll never have to go finishing in your sewing kit again! Check out this spool thread organizer.

9. DIY Craft Tool Organization

This gorgeous DIY wall organizer is not only super useful to store tools, it also doubles as a wall decor. Love the splashes of magenta!

You can easily store scissors, knitting/crochet needles and yarn in this pretty wall hanging. Via DIY Craft Organizer  project

10. Shower Caddy Craft Storage

Hang a shower caddy on the wall to store your gift wrap and other crafting supplies. Very Clever! Via Shower Caddy Gift-Wrap Organization blog post

11. Paint brush Organization in a Mug

If you want to keep things simple, you can use an old mug to store all your paint brushes. This would be great for pens and markers too! Via DIY Sharpie Mug That’s Washable project.

12. Pegboard Pen / Marker holder with a Pringles Container

pegboard accessories DIY pen marker storage
pegboard marker pen storage hack

This is both a cheap and yummy hack! Enjoy a container of Pringles cips then use the container for marker or pen storage!

This can be used on a pegboard or as desktop pen holder too!. Check out this marker /pen holder hack here.

13. Art and Craft Cart

If you like the idea of a mobile art & crafts cart, then then you’ll love this idea. Perfect for tiny rooms since there are 3 levels you can store things in.

Another Ikea hack made out of the Ikea Raskog cart. Very neat and organized! Via Ikea Raskog Craft Cart project.

14. Craft Storage Pegboard

As promised here’s the giant Pegboard, and I’m in love with it!

Peg board organization is one of the best ways to organize in a small space, since you are using walls space and not square footage.

Kimbo did a fabulous job at creating this giant pegboard. She not only makes it optimal for storing craft supplies, she also added in some personalized touches. Digging that Things I Hate list! Via 30 ways to organize with a Pegboard

15. Paint Storage with Dollarstore Hack

Use this Dollarstore hack to organize and store all your bottles of acrylic paints.

You can either mount this paint storage baskets on a pegboard or placed on a tabletop/desktop. Your choice! Checkout this Dollarstore paint storage hack.

16. DIY Paint Storage in PVC Pipes

I’m a painter, so I had to include a couple of paint storage options! Kim did a great job making a marker organizer out of PVC Pipes. Via craft room organization project.

17. Fabric Organization Idea

This is an easy hack if you have lots of sewing fabric.

Vivian simplifies fabric storage with this fabulous idea. All you need is a closet and some hangers, and you’ll be able to see all your gorgeous textiles in one glance! Via fabric storage idea project.

18. Craft Storage From an Upcycled Spice Rack

I wish I had never given gotten rid of my rotating spice rack! This is such a smart idea to organize small items like buttons, pom poms, beads, pins, and other small crafting supplies. And I admire how Sadie labeled each container. Super organized!

Via upcycled craft organizer spice rack project

19. Washi Tape Storage

Display your full gorgeous collection of washi tape and have them at your fingertips with this awesome idea by Jamie. And you can hang it like a picture frame, so easy! Via washi tape storage idea project

20. Vinyl Rolls Storage Idea

Another great Ikea product that can be used to organize crafty things. I’m starting to think I should do another post solely on Ikea hacks for craft supplies! They rock!

I love Kimberly’s clever usage of these grocery bag holders. If you have a million vinyl rolls, this idea is cheap an simple, plus it doesn’t take up any room! Great for small spaces. Via Vinyl Storage Idea project.

21. Ribbons storage

craft organization ideas ribbons

Organize all your ribbons in a drawer, so its easier to see your full ribbon stash. Via IKEA Hack Craft Table with Storage project

22. Sewing Organization For a Small Space

Celeste uses a small cube storage shelf to organize all her sewing gear. The fabrics fit nicely in the square compartments and there is even a place to store a sewing machine! Via how to store craft supplies in a small space project.

23. Craft Storage in Guest Room Dresser

Another idea if you’re cramped for space, is to use a spare dresser in your guest-room for your craft supplies. Check out Lora’s (from CraftivityDesigns) easy and genius hack where she transforms her DIY guest-room dresser into a space-saving craft storage solution.

24. Yarn Storage in a CD rack

I really liked how Heather repurposed an old CD shelf to store her collection of yarns. So smart!

This CD shelf is also pretty slim and doesn’t take up a lot space. It could easily put into a corner, for even more space savings.

Also, organizing them by color, like she did, makes it so much easier to pick them out. Via simple yarn storage solution project

25. Craft Paper Storage Hack

This is a great way to store crafting or scrapbook paper. Sarah uses a simple wooden crate and some hanging file folders to create this beauty!

It’s like an on the go filing cabinet for all your crafting papers- very creative! Via Pretty crate paper storage project.

26. Gift Wrap Organization Station

I have to admit, my gift wrapping organization needs help. This is my inspiration to get more organized with it.

I love how Miss Jen has a place for all of her gift wrapping gear. Everything is in plain view, so it’s easy to access. And it looks super pretty to boot!

Via Diy Gift Wrap Storage project.

27. Organizing Embroidery Floss

I used to have a big stash of this stuff when I was a teenager. I remember my stash being a BIG mess.

I wish I had known about this idea of wrapping embroidery floss around clothes pins back then! Via organizing embroidery floss project

28. Dollarstore Ribbon Organizer

I am seriously amazed at the creative hacks that people make! This one is brilliant – and cheap!

Halsey used the holes in these dollarstore baskets to string ribbon through and prevent them from un-spooling and also making it easier to cut the ribbon too. Via ribbon organizer blog post.

29. Craft Storage in Glass Jars

Easy to see, neatly organized, beautiful to look at , it’s a win-win craft storage solution!

Kimberly beautifully transformed her craft room and stored her small craft supplies into these gorgeous clear glass containers.

Storing them in clear containers will encourage you to use what you have! Via Craft and Sewing Room Makeover project.

30. Crochet Organization Cart

Ikea Raskog cart to the rescue once again! These carts are so versatile I tell ya!

What a clever idea to store your crochet supplies in them. Your yarn will be quick access and your crochet and knitting needles can be neatly stored in the car as well!

My hats off to Sarah on a job well done! Via Ikea Raskog Crochet Cart project.

31. Marker Storage Idea

Display your colorful markers in clear glass jars on a shelf! When you need them you can quickly grab the entire jar off your shelf and your ready to get crafting. Via Amandas Showroom blog post

32. Bakers Twine Storage

Storing bakers twin in these cheap mason jars is so smart! Here’s to no tangled twine- great idea Jeanie! Via Baker’s Twine Organization project

33. Behind the Door Craft Organizer

Behind the door systems are an efficient use of space, especially when it comes to crafting supplies. I thought this idea was amazing. Via Organizing Gift Wrap Ideas project.

34. Mason Jar Shelf

This innovative idea by Kelsey. She nails some mason jars to the bottom of a shelf, so that you can access small crafty items in a jiffy! Love it. Via Mason Jar Shelf Storage Idea project.

35. Ironing Board Spool Organizer

What a crafty way to repurpose an old ironing board! Love how she was able to organize spools of thread on it! Via Repurposed Ironing Board Spool and Thread Organization project.

36. Craft Nick Nack Storage in Cookie Jars

Clear glass cookie jars make a perfect organization ideas for your crafting supplies and nick nacks. It makes it easy to see, reach and grab what you need it. Via Crafts Rooms blog post.

37. Cricut and Silhouette Craft Storage Cabinet

If you have a Cricut or Silhouette along with all the vinyl and cutting gear you are going to love this craft cabinet. It’s an Ikea hack, made from the Ikea Stuva cabinet and it’s fabulous! I also love how Jen painted the drawers in a lovely ombre blush tones. Gorgeous! Via Silhouette machine + supply storage project

38. Handmade Marker Organizer

Use some PVC pipes to create this handmade marker and pen organizer. I love how Robin organized her markers by color. Via DIY Marker Storage project.

And there you have it, 30+ Craft supplies organization and storage ideas. I hope these ideas from these amazing crafters inspired you! Here’s to an organized and beautiful crafting space for all, no matter how big or small!

Until next time, stay nifty!

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Amanda Cummins

Tuesday 25th of July 2023

Loved everything about your tweets today about organising my craft storage I especially loved the recycling of the ironing board for cotton spools

Jasmine Dhillon

Thursday 27th of July 2023

So glad you found the ideas helpful Amanda!! That iron board hack is super neat, totally agree- happy organizing!

Cheers, Jasmine


Friday 3rd of February 2023

These are awesome way's to declutter, and take more stuff off the floor. I just might try several of these.

Jasmine Dhillon

Wednesday 15th of February 2023

Thank you Patricia! Crafting becomes much more enjoyable when everything is organized. Glad you enjoyed the ideas and enjoy using in your crafting space!

Cheers, Jasmine

jessica nelson

Thursday 21st of July 2022

hi i cant wait to try this

Jasmine Khinda

Sunday 24th of July 2022

So glad to hear that Jessica! Enjoy!

Cheers, Jasmine

Olivia Rose

Tuesday 27th of July 2021

so many great ideas on a list.very excited to try them. Thanks for sharing these crafts, worth a try!

Jasmine K

Friday 30th of July 2021

Thank you Olivia, so glad you liked these craft supplies ideas!

Cheers, Jasmine


Wednesday 11th of November 2020

Too much advertising. Reviewing this on my phone and advertising takes up two thirds of the screen. Can only see small glimpses of this site.

Jasmine Dhillon

Tuesday 14th of March 2023

Thank you for letting me know Melissa!

Cheers, Jasmine

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