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30+ Gorgeous Ikea Desk Hacks you can do on a Budget!

If you’re on the hunt to find the perfect Ikea desk hack for your home or workspace – then you have to take a look at the hacks below! The list includes many different desk types/configurations – from minimalist, to maximum storage, to standing desk hacks and beyond.

ikea desk hacks

Regardless if you work from home, have an office job, or a hobbyist /student, having a beautiful and organized work space can be both inspiring and increase your productivity.

I’m also a believer in doing things on a budget – where the IKEA hack part comes in. The list below includes Ikea desk hacks that are both budget friendly and super functional.

And they’re goegeous to boot!

When you love your workspace, you’re happier to be there. And since we spend much of our waking hours at work, it makes sense to make it as inviting and joyful as we can.

I found my happy (crafting) work space after making my own IKEA hack craft desk with storage for $100. You can check out my Ikea craft table hack here.

In the list of desk hacks below, I’ve tried to include as many different types of desks (for small spaces, standing desk, corner desks, craft desks, etc..) that I could- because I want you to find the perfect workspace too.

Enjoy the list, and here’s to a happy workspace for all!

1. Adjustable Desk: Counter-Height Craft Table


One of the cheapest ways to get an adjustable height desk at Ikea is to use the adjustable Olov adjustable legs ($15/each) with a compatible tabletop. In this case we used the sit/standing desk for a counter-height crafting table. The maximum heigh you can get with the legs is 35.5″ high. This works well as a standing desk for crafting, painting/hobby, but might not be tall enough to be used as a standing desk for computer screens (more on those below).

It’s also tall enough to use a rolling storage cart below it for craft supplies or office supplies. Source

2. Budget Friendly Desk for $25

If you’re wondering about the cheapest desk/legs combination available at Ikea – it’s this one. The combination uses the IKEA Linnmon Tabletop ($9) and the Adils legs (4 at $4/each) for a total of $25! And to show how much space you have, I’m able to fit 1 large 22″ screen with a 12″ laptop.

I ended up using an adjustable monitor/laptop stand to raise my laptop screen to be eye level (and bonus storage space underneath). For the screen, I reused an old dual screen monitor arm stand we had (I only needed a single) to save on even more table space, here’s a similar single arm stand.

The monitor arm allows you to swivel your screen in a 360 degree range of motion. From portrait mode to landscape. You can also adjust the height of the monitor.

3. Ikea Desk with Gold Leg Accent

This Ikea desk hack cost less than $100 too, and looks fabulous! Love those gold legs! Source

4. Kallax Desk Hack (with storage)

This clever Ikea hack computer desk is perfect for a home office, with the bonus of lots of storage space with the Kallax shelves, for around $150. Source

5. Ikea Corner Desk Hack

This gorgeous Ikea hack corner desk made with glossy IKEA LINNMON tables, not only works well in corner configurations but also in other spaces, like this one.Love that bright and beautiful magenta chair!

6. Standing Desk Hack

Standing desks are super popular these days, but are expensive. Here is an awesome hack to make an Ikea hack standing desk for much much less. And the legs are adjustable so you can make it any height you wish! . Source

7. Craft Desk/Table Hack

ikea craft table hack

If your on the lookout for another afforable ($150) DIY craft table with lots of quick and accessible storage, then this Ikea craft desk hack is a must try! This is the one I created in my craft workspace.

It uses the Ikea Trofast shelves as the base. The desktop is an inexpensive piece of laminated shelving. This Ikea desk hack is counter height, so it could work well as a standing desk too. Source

8. Portable Standing Desk Hack for $18

This portable standing desk hack costs $18 and brilliantly uses 2 sizes of Ikea Variera Kitchen shelve inserts and this one and then spray paints them. It’s small enough to stow away and to move around to different areas in your home. Source.

9. Ikea Alex Desk Hack

If you’re looking for something that’s designer and custom-made looking without the custom-made price, check out Kelin’s gorgeous hack where she uses the Ikea Alex drawers, Ekby Alex shelves with some simple Plywood. It costed her under $500 to put together and it’s fabulous! Source.

10. Cheap Standing Desk Hack in a Small Space

If you’re small on space then you’re going to love this clever hack! This hack uses a simple Ikea countertop-turned-shelf with some brackets. It also uses another Ikea board to cover unsightly cables and external hard drives. Source.

11.Chic Faux Marble Top Desk Hack

Looking for chic Ikea office ideas? This Ikea DIY desk was painted copper and given a marble table top. Add some glam to your workday with this beaut! Source

12. Slim Desk Hack

This Ikea hack slim desk is functional and perfect for small spaces and budgets. There is plenty of room for a laptop, and has storage drawers as an bonus. This shelf can also be attached directly to the wall to create a floating desk ikea hack. Source

13. Counter Height Hobby Desk

This Ikea counter height desk is budget friendly and has plenty of desk storage. This would make a great hobby or craft table, cutting table for sewing fabric, or even a nifty standing desk or workstation. Source

14. Cheap Desk Hack (home office)

An Ikea hack desk with storage that only costs $60! Win win!.Source

15. Butcher Block Countertop Desk Hack

Another Ikea hack desk with storage that uses a beautiful Ikea butcher block countertop. Love the earthy wooden color. Source

16. Craft Room Desk Hack

A crafters dream! Lots of storage options with this ikea hack desk with storage . Source

17. Wooden Legs Desk Hack

Love the clean look to this diy desk, and those legs! This blogger also used a teal Ikea Raskog cart to organize more office supplies beside her desk. Some awesome Ikea office hacks here. This would make a great desk for kids or teenagers room. Source

18. Small Space Desk Hack

This chic and cute parisienne inspired desk is lovely! This blogger used gold spray paint to make this Ikea desk hack in gold. This is probably one of the best desk from Ikea for small spaces, I’ve seen! Source

19. Big Desk Hack -Lots Of Storage

Another gorgeous butcher block tabletop desk from Ikea. There is lots of storage with this hack, since it uses dressers as a base. This Ikea hacks office desk is so functional! Source

20. Ikea Desk with Wall Storage

This is one of the best ikea desk hacks I’ve seen. I love how they’ve used the Ikea Kallax shelf to create all the wall storage options and office organization! Awesome! Source

21. Simple Wooden Table Top Desk

Want simple? This minimalist Ikea hack desk is modern, clean and could even be incorporated nicely into your home decor. No need to hide this beauty behind closed doors – it would be a gorgeous and functional addition to any room in your home. Source

22. Ikea Office and Desk Organization Hacks


Love the multiple Ikea office hacks along with the desk. The Ikea Lack side table as a printer stand is genious (and cheap!) Source

23. Gold Spray Paint Desk Hack

Another glamorous ikea diy desk hack in gold! And this hack is super affordable. Source.

24. Printer Storage Cart Hack

I’m adding this to my list of must-do Ikea office ideas. The Ikea Stuva shelf is a perfect printer storage cart /solution.Also, love how it’s tucked away neatly under that desk! Source

25. Ikea Reception Desk Hack

This Ikea hack reception desk was intended to make a reception desk, but it could also double as a large standing desk space. Source

26. Wall Built-in Desk Hack

If you prefer more storage space than desk space, then you’ll love this DIY custom Ikea desk hack made with the Kallax shelves. Source

27. Ikea Rast Desk Hack

Love this Ikea Desk Hack made from the Ikea Rast and Ikea Kallax. That pegboard is another great way to add some extra organization for tools, if your a hobbyist! Source

28. Ikea Gaming Desk Hack with Alex drawers

Looking for a swanky gaming desk? Check out the video above for this amazing desk made out of the Ikea Alex drawers. The video also shows you how to do cable management and how to add some awesome Govee Dreamcolour lights for a spectacular gaming vibe.

29. Ikea Desk Hack For a Home Office for 2

This stunning makeover shows you how to create this chic and super functional home office. The workspaces has enough room for 2 workstations and look at all the storage!Love this one Source

30. Large Ikea Desk Station for a Family

If you a bit of space and have the need for multiple people working in the same space (remote learning and working for families, home business or homeschooling), then this Ikea desk hack will give you enough room. It’s also very chic and stylish so it can work a part of your home decor. Source

31. Lagkapten Hack with Alex Drawers

Check out this clever and functional Ikea hack done by Wendy where she uses the Lagkapten and Alex drawers to make a desk for her teenage daughter. The desk is large (6 feet in length) so it can be used to organize items on top with a large desktop space for working/homework.

31. LINNMON Nested Table Under KARLBY Butcher Block

If you’re looking for a versatile, functional and space saving hack then you’ll love Amy’s home office Ikea desk hack . She uses the KARLBY butcher block with Alex drawer unit and a GALANT filing cabinet for the main desk area.

She then cleverly uses the LINNMON desk with rolling castors which slides neatly under the main desk area. That way you have extra desk space whenever you need it. Or you can combine the LINNMON’s to make a DIY meeting room table to have that impromptu team meeting at a moments notice!

32. Ikea DIY Hidden Desk

This brilliant Ikea Hack using the Ivar cabinets is ingenious! It’s a great idea for small spaces or if you want your workspace to blend in with your decor once you’re done. Just close the cabinet doors, and lower the top hinged lid, and it looks like 3 beautiful green side by side cabinets.

And there you have it, 30+ gorgeous and affordable Ikea desk hacks perfect for all types of work spaces. From sit down style, to standing desks and beyond – now the hard part. Which Ikea desk hack will you choose?

Oh, and if you can’t g;et enough Ikea Hacks, check out these other nifty Ikea hacks for your home

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Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

How is this considered gorgeous hack I don’t understand ? Except for spray painting the legs gold I don’t see anything original. Why not use some Ikea elements with other resources? They all look like first desk for a kid or dorm room.

Jasmine Dhillon

Tuesday 14th of March 2023

Hi Karmela,

Thank you for your honest opinion. I think beauty/design is a subjective thing so these hacks might not appeal to everyone. And you're right! there is so much more that can be done with Ikea Desks to get them looking top notch! That's what makes hacking Ikea furniture such a creative and fun activity :)

Cheers, Jasmine


Monday 22nd of February 2021

I like desk hack 5 but I don’t see a source. I’m looking for a corner desk girly decor for my home office.

Jasmine K

Friday 26th of February 2021

Hi Leslie,

Unfortunately the site that had the tutorial no longer exists.

Cheers, Jasmine


Tuesday 29th of September 2020

Hi! Do you have the source for #3? Thanks!

Jasmine Dhillon

Tuesday 14th of March 2023

Hi Hannah,

The source for #3 is listed in the link below the picture. Hope that helps!

Cheers, Jasmine


Wednesday 26th of August 2020

Hi Claudia, I am looking for a desk hack for use in an office/ guest room. I was thinking of a desk with a nested table for larger projects. I thought I had seen something using the IKEA LINNMON series with some casters and adjustable legs, I can't seem to find it now. Any suggestions?

Thank you, Lisa

Jasmine Dhillon

Tuesday 14th of March 2023

Hi Lisa,

Sorry for the late reply but just found this awesome hack that uses the IKEA LINNMON like you mentioned and its also on castors so you can store it nested under the large KARLBY counter top desk/hack. Hope that helps!

Cheers Jasmine


Thursday 20th of August 2020

Hi, I’m glad you like the look of my desk, please link number 18 back to the original source that is from me - it’s form my Office Reveal post 👍🏻

Jasmine K

Friday 21st of August 2020

Hi Claudia! I absolutely love your desk :) Thank you for letting me share it with others. Looks like the original link had changed since I first wrote this piece. I just updated it with the new link and it works now (thanks for letting me know). Your desk hack is #17. Let me know if it looks good on your end.

Cheers, Jasmine

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.