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31 Amazing Ikea Rast Dresser Hacks For Your Whole Home

Easy Ikea Rast Dresser Hacks

The list of Ikea Rast Hacks below are some of the webs’ most creative takes on the simple and plain Rast dresser. From dressers, to nightstands, desk hacks and even the cutest dog bed (all dog owners need to see this one!)… you’ll be inspired will all kinds of creative possibilities.

I think of the Ikea Rast as the little-engine-that-could.

This dresser measures 24 3/8 x 11 3/4 x 26 3/4 ” (Length x Width x Height), which also makes it great for small areas and spaces.

It might be small and not have wow-factor right out of the box. BUT…put a little creative effort into it and you’ve got a WINNER!

ikea rast 3 drawer chest hack
Ikea Rast Hack-The little engine that could.

And a unique winner for that matter- that you won’t find in showrooms or catalogues.

Something that would make interior designers proud- and your friends/family wondering where you scored it.

And the best part? It’s budget friendly!

At $40, you can’t go wrong.

Whatever you end up using it for and wherever your creative journey with the Rast takes you, you’ll always end up with a winner piece of custom furniture that YOU created.

Get ready, your creative “Ikea Rast” journey starts now.

31+ Ikea Rast Hacks

1. Ikea Rast Nightstand with Farmhouse Style

The beauty of the Ikea Rast is it’s size. The Ikea Rast dimensions are  24 3/8×27 1/2 ” which make it small enough to make a handy night side table but also be able to act as a standalone dresser in small spaces.

I created this Ikea Rast nighstand hack, with Farmhouse style in mind. The 3 drawers give it plenty of functional storage space. I used grey stain to paint the Rast, then added the “x” design on each drawer with an easy kit from Overlays. Then paired it with some sparkly knobs to add a bit of glamour.

2. Ikea Rast Dresser Makeover with Dollar Tree Hack


Hacking the Rast doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. You can check out your local second hand store, Kijiji or Facebook marketplace first for a cheaper price. I scored one for $5 at Value Village!

To keep with the budget-friendly vibe, use a $1 shelf liner roll from Dollar Tree to cover the drawer fronts, like this ikea rast hack dresser hack. Then use a $5 sample jar of indoor latex paint to cover the rest of the Rast.

3. Creative Rast Hack with Wooden Dowels

Add some artistic flair to the Rast using wooden dowels in this geometric design for a modern take on the Rast. Super creative and designer looking! Check out Leigh Anne’s informative Ikea Rast tutorial to learn how to create this beautiful piece.

4. Ikea Rast Dresser Hack

This two tone Rast dresser hack was created with stain paint and lovely gold accented handles. It’s mid century design would make a lovely addition as a nightstand or an accent dresser in any space in your home. Check out the Rast Tutorial for detailed steps.

5. Ikea Rast Chest as Bar Cart

Another fantastic hack! Use the Ikea Rast for a compact and gorgeous bar cart. Remove a couple of drawers, add some wheels and paint it in this gorgeous glossy deep grey tone, and you’ve got yourself a fun way to organize and display your bar essentials. Here’s the Ikea Rastbar bar cart tutorial.

6. Ikea Rast Apothecary Styled Nightstand

This vintage inspired Rast nightstand hack is super chic and screams designer! It mimics a 9 drawer apothecary styled dresser, although it only has 3- with an easy wood hack! Here’s the awesome tutorial.

…And those handles!

7. Ikea Rast Hack with Legs

Add some legs to your Ikea Rast for an easy but dramatic transformation. Spray paint the legs any color you want, and you’ve got a glamorous addition to your space!

And those antique nailheads around the border of the rast really gives this dresser a modern flair! Check out the Rast with Legs tutorial here.

8. Ikea Rast Hack Desk

Who says you have to use the Ikea Rast as just a dresser or nightstand? This brilliant Ikea Hacker uses 2 Rasts and then lays an inexpensive Ikea counter top over them to create this GORGEOUS desk! With storage space!

9. Ikea Rast Hack Mid Century

Another beautiful example of a mid century inspired Ikea Rask hack. This time some vintage looking legs are added and the drawers are painting this lovely on-trend mustard tone- along with that lovely wood stain!

It’s a easy way to add a pop of color to your decor. Check out the vibrant Rast tutorial here.

10. Ikea Rast Closet Hack

If you’re tight on closet space- then you’ll love this hack! This hacker stacked 2 Rast dressers in her small closet and then adds tension rods for some extra hanging space.

This hack has added a ton of extra storage and organization possibilites to her tight space.

Super Brilliant! Here’s the full Ikea Rast Closet Organizer post.

11. Spray Paint Ikea Rast Hack

This Hacker used white spray paint to cover the unfinished Rast dresser. And then adds some gold drawer pulls and gold strip decals for a chic take on the Rast.

Looks so clean yet glam!

Here’s the spray painted Rast post.

12. Ikea Rast Suitcase/Travel Inspired Drawers

I love the creativity in this hack! If you’re travel obsessed or love vintage looking furniture then this suitcase inspired hack will be up your alley!

You can have some fun with this one, and add any color “suitcases” and embellishments you want. You can even use your favorite piece of luggage as inspiration!

Check out this cute Ikea Rast hack here.

13. Ikea Rast DIY Hallway/Entryway Dresser

Since the Rast is modest in size, you can use them in multiples to create something a bit larger if you need. This hacker used 2 Rasts to create this dramatic hallway/entryway dresser – using black paint.

I love the stainless steel legs and drawer pulls- looks fantastic against the black!

This also would look equally as gorgeous as a Buffet. Find out more about this elegant Rast dresser hack here.

14. Ikea Rast with Overlay

Looking for an easy but designer worthy way to dress up your Rast? Then use Overlays! I have used them personally and can say they are the easiest and quickest way to add that extra “oumph” to your furniture to give them a designer touch. Learn more about Overlays for the Rast here.

15. Ikea Rast 3 Drawer Chest Hack – with Gift wrap

How fun is this hack? Using your favorite gift wrap on the drawers of the Rast is absolutely genius!

The patterned drawers paired with the solid black dresser frame adds just enough drama without being too busy. And those gold drawer pulls are the perfect accent. Find out more about this gift wrap Rast hack here

16. Ikea Rast Hack with Geometric Stenciling and Legs

I loved how this hacker didn’t paint over the entire dresser. Instead they used painters tape to create this modern stenciled design- which still allowed the beauty of the unfinished-pine to shine through.

Simple, chic and natural. Love it!

Check out the full post on this beautiful Ikea Rast hack here.

17. Ikea Rast Nightstand Makeover

Take out the top drawer of the Rast for some grab and go storage space- perfect for items your need to stow away without have to get out of bed.

That deep navy hue also feels very calming.

Learn more about this nautical decor inspired Ikea Rast hack here.

18. Ikea Rast Nightstand Hack

Another chic nightstand hack. This time with some simple gold accents. The neutral color combo would look good in virtually any space.

Learn more about this chic Rast hack here.

19. Ikea Rast Side Table

Another way to use the Rast is to use them as couch side tables. This hacker used a stain in a lovely aged brown and used iron looking black drawer handles for farmhouse inspired side tables.

Check out the full post for this Ikea Rast Nightstand project here.

20. Ikea Rast Bedside Table in Rose and Gold

Add a feminine touch to your bedroom with this blush pink and gold accented Rast Bedside table.

The Rast looks pretty in pink!

Learn how to paint this soft pink Rast Hack here.

21. Ikea Rast Dresser Hack for Kids Room

Similar to the entryway Rast hack above, this hack uses 3 Rast dressers attached together to create this uh-mazing large dresser for a kids room or nursery- that they can totally grow into! It would also make a beautiful addition to a teen or adult bedroom too! Check out the full step-by-step triple Ikea Rast tutorial here

22. Ikea Rast Closet Organization Hack


Another smart way to add storage space to closets! This hacker used 2 Rast’s stacked on each other to created some drawer space in their wardrobe. Learn more about the DIY wardrobe tutorial here.

23. Ikea Rast Craft Desk Hack

Want to create a crafting haven for yourself where you can escape to and craft your worries away? This hacker used a Rast to build herself and simple but oh so functional hobby workspace- that’s doesn’t even take up much room! Learn more about the craft desk project here.

24. Farmhouse Ikea Rast Hack

Do you love rustic decor? Then you’ll love this Farmhouse take on the Ikea Rast. It can be used as a dresser, side table or nightstand. Learn more about this farmhouse Ikea Rast dresser here.

25. Rast that’s Fabric Wrapped

Covering or wrapping the Rast with a funky fabric is pure genius! It also adds a soft texture which can enhance any decor! Learn more about this nifty Rast hack here.

26. Ikea Rast Farmhouse Nightstand

Another fabulous farmhouse inspired Rast hack. This nightstand hack is clean and simple, and also very designer chic! This hacker stained the Rast in a deep grey/brown tone. Learn more about this farmhouse inspired Rast hack here.

27. Rast Hack with Pretty Wallpaper

This one is one of my favorite Rast hacks. I LOVE the bold yet feminine floral wallpaper this hacker use to cover the drawers of the Rast. This is a statement piece that will add wow-factor to any room in your house. Check out this super creative Rast hack with wallpaper project here.

28. Ikea Rast Hack for Kids with Wallpaper

Another Rast hack using wallpaper- but this time its geared for kids or even a nursery! The Rast’s small size makes it absolutely the perfect size for kids. Love the cool blue animal pattern. Learn more about this cute Ikea Rast kids room hack here.

29. Dog Bed Hack

Who says that the Rast has to be for human enjoyment only? This fluffy pup looks so comfy and relaxed in their custom new digs. Happy pup!

You can even use the drawers to store your pets gear or treats! Make this comfy spot for your favorite four legged pal by checking out this detailed Rast dob bed tutorial.

30. Rast Stencil Hack

Use a fun stencil to paint designs onto your Rast. Either paint your stencil overtop a primed and painted Rast, or simply paint them ontop of the Rasts’ raw wood – which would look awesome too! Check out the video above for the full step by step tutorial.

31. DIY Ikea Rast Buffet for Dining Room

Is your dining room tight on space- but lacks some basic storage? Use 2 Ikea Rast’s to build yourself a modern and compact buffet hutch. Use the drawers to store your china, silverware and other entertainment gear. Learn more about this Ikea Rast dining hutch project here.

And now it’s YOUR turn….

Hope you enjoyed the list of Ikea Rast hacks above. And I sincerely hope they’ve inspired you to get creative and put your own twist to this nifty piece of furniture.

Have fun hacking!!!



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