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Rustic Farmhouse Keurig Coffee Station Makeover

Find out how to create a rustic farmhouse Keurig coffee station for under $25 -using thrift store finds!

Coffee stations are nifty ways you can organize all-things-coffee in your kitchen area. They help you (and your guests) make a cup of coffee without having to scramble to find your coffee essentials. They can also be decorated to become fabulous kitchen decor focal areas. I hope you get inspired by these Keurig coffee station ideas, to make your own little cozy coffee nook!

In this post I’ll show you how I created my farmhouse coffee station with items I bought from the thrift store-for a total of $25!

I’ve also made a list of more coffee station essential ideas and items. If you’re looking for more ways to create your own DIY coffee station in your kitchen, be sure to check them out (at the end of this post).

Oh yes, and before I forget, since you’re (probably) the proud owner of a Keurig, you know you need to clean and descale it every once in a while, right? Just in-case here’s a step by step guide on how to descale a Keurig with a top to bottom cleaning checklist.

Okay now back to the coffee station makeover, super excited to show you!

Coffee Station at Home Makeover

We recently resurrected our Keurig Coffee machine from storage to use again in our kitchen. I wanted to spruce up the counter space so I first searched for some cute coffee station ideas on Pinterest.

Here’s a Before picture of our Coffee station on our kitchen countertop.

I wanted to make our coffee station very cozy, rustic and inviting, so I decided to visit our local thrift store, to see if I could find some inexpensive items to work with. I ended up scoring some pretty awesome finds.

Coffee Station Tray

I loved the idea of using large serving trays to hold the Keurig machine along with the Keurig coffee stands and other coffee station essentials. Using a tray to hold all your coffee station essentials, really pulls them together and gives a cohesive look

I found a perfect rustic basket tray for $10 – which also nailed the rustic farmhouse look I was hoping for. The tray was large enough to hold the Keurig and also the other coffee items we us on the regular.

Sugar & Sweetener Pots
diy transparent clear sticker labels,

Having your sugar or sweetener within hands reach while you brew your coffee makes it easier and more convenient. I decided to use small jars since my larger sugar canisters wouldn’t fit in the tray.

These small plain white jars were a steal at $5. I picked up both because we use both sugar and stevia so I wanted a pot for each sweetener. You could also check out the dollarstore or IKEA for plain white jars to copy this look. I added these easy DIY clear label stickers (made from packing tape!) to label each jar with, which also gave them a decorative look – it was SO EASY and works great!

Keurig K-cup Stand

A Keurig coffee stand is not only a decorative way to display your k-cups, I find it makes it more inviting and super convenient to select your coffee pods, especially if you have multiple types. These stands also rotate so it’s easier to make your selection.

I found a second hand Keurig coffee stand for $5 at the same Thrift store.

Coffee Stir Stick Station

That creamer jar (beside the keurig coffee stand) was also $5. I thought it would be a nifty way to display coffee stirrer sticks ( I used paper straws) for when we need more convenience (or the spoons are all dirty!). This would also be convenient idea for a DIY coffee station if your hosting a party.

If you’re looking for stir sticks that are reusable, check out these Reusable glass coffee stirring rods

Coffee Station Decor

To finish things off, I found a cute mini chalkboard sign from the Dollarstore and used some white chalk to write my favorite coffee quote on it! A mini chalkboard with a coffee quote or saying on it is an easy and cheap way to add some coffee decor in kitchen areas.

Here are some “After” picture of our Farmhouse Keurig Coffee Station

P.S. If your wondering about that cute monogrammed mug, it was a washable DIY Sharpie Mug project I made a few months back. They’re super easy to make, check it out…

Coffee Station “After” Pictures

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More Coffee Station Essentials

As promised here are some other ideas for your Keurig Coffee Station.

I hope you enjoyed our Farmhouse inspired Coffee Station Makeover from thrift store finds! Hope it inspires you to get Nifty!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.