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31+ Clever IKEA Kallax Hacks to Organize your Entire Home

Clever Ikea Kallax Hacks to Organize your Space

ikea kallax hacks with storage

Wish your space was more organized with some nifty and cheap storage solutions that actually look good? The Ikea Kallax hacks below can help you get more organized in a fun and creative way!

My very first DIY was a kitchen seating and storage bench made with the Ikea Kallax. After doing this hack I learned there are SO MANY ways you can customize this shelf – to really make it your own.

You can use this shelf both vertically or horizontally (and yes, its even sturdy enough to sit on!). Attach legs to the bottom of the shelf make it taller or more decorative.

You can even customize the storage insert options!

Some options include fabric/plastic slide out boxes, drawer inserts, swinging door inserts and more.

In terms of storage space, the Kallax cubed configuration offers a surprising amount of storage. We use our cubes to store our HUGE collection of board games/puzzle boxes, recipe books, and other kitchen nick nacks.

I used the swinging door inserts along with slide out Lekman boxes and it works just perfectly!

The Kallax series comes in many different configurations as sizes, from a small/modest 2 x 2 cube size up to a huge 5×5 cubed configuration, and multiple sizes in between.

There’s a shelf for any space no matter how big or small you have to work with

Kallax vs Expedit Shelves

The hacks in this post not only work for the Kallax series of shelves, they also work for the older model of the Kallax, called the Ikea Expedit series. The only difference between both, is the Expedit has an extra cube, so its slightly longer than the Kallax. However the configuration of the cubes, and the insert sizes still remain the same!

Here’s the list of 30+ hacks YOU can do to get more functional storage space in your home. I hope you enjoy all these super creative hacks!

1. Ikea Kallax Bench

This Ikea kallax bench doubles as seating bench that has large storage cubbies with doors. The Kallax inserts (with doors) are made for the Kallax/ Expedit system, and are super easy to install. Once installed you can store away a surprising amount of stuff inside the cubes.

This seating bench can be used as extra seating in kitchen areas, mudroom cubby seating, playroom/ toy storage and even a window seat bench.

This project was done by myself and it was my very first attempt at DIYing and Ikea Hacks. It ended up being very easy to put together, and I’ve included some tips to make it even easier.

DIY IKEA Hack Storage bench seating banquette
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2.Ikea Kallax Hack TV Stand

This gorgeous TV stand is made out of a Ikea KAllax shelf that’s placed horizontally instead of vertically, and has some decorative legs attached to the bottom.

I love the added character with some wood stained panels that encase the bookcase. In the end it looks like an expensive designer piece. Gorgeous!

The Kallax insert Lekman boxes add some hideaway storage and also help hide TV wires and cabling. Genious!

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3. Ikea Kallax Entryway Cabinet Hacks

The easiest way to transform the Kallax from plain shelf to a unique piece of furniture is to add on some funky/ inexpensive legs!

In this hack, the legs also help elevate the Kallax off the ground to turn it into a cute Buffet shelf. The Ikea drawer inserts, and door inserts can be used to store extra dishes, china and cutlery away neatly.

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4. Ikea Kallax Hack Mid Century Cabinet – Small Space Shelf

This hack has a mid century feel with its wooden legs and wood stained doors. This cabinet can be fit in most small areas as this 4X4 Ikea Kallax self is the smallest of the Kallax collection, making it perfect for storage in small areas.

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5. Ikea Kallax Hack Large TV Uniit

If you need a lot of storage in a TV unit, you can use multiple Kallax units together to form a built-in-type look.

This hack uses the Kallax inserts (doors that swing open), and kallax drawer inserts to store away things out of sight.

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6. Ikea Kallax Workstation Hack

Make this easy and inexpensive workstation and desk using 2 Ikea kallax cubes (4 x 4). Get extra storage space on either side of the desk where you can store your work or office supplies like paper, books, small printers etc..

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7. Ikea Kallax Drawers Hack

Another mid century kallax hack, this time using the Ikea drawers inserts. This simple 4×4 Kallax cube shelf gets transformed into a cute vintage inspired storage cabinet with the drawers, door inserts and some gorgeous legs!

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8.Ikea Kallax 5×5 Hack : Locker Shelf

I love how this hacker transforms this large Ikea Kallax shelf into a locker storage solution. I would image this working great in entryways/ mudrooms as a place to store shoes, jackets, hats, etc. a home daycare, or even in a basement recreation room for storing away games, toys, etc..


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9.Ikea Kallax Insert Hack

Use the cubes in the Kallax shelf as wine or bottle storage by learning how to make a simple “X” insert.

This can be used in any of the Kallax/Expedit cubes.

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10. Ikea Kallax 3×4 Hack: Storage shelf for Living Room

Another configuration of the Kallax is the 3X4 cubes. This shelf can be used vertically with inserts and drawers to make a shelf full of storage and open display areas too.

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11.Ikea Kallax Hack Bed

The Kallax shelf is so versatile it can even be turned into a bed WITH bonus storage!

This nifty adaptation uses the storage cubbies to store old vinyl records.

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12. Ikea Kallax Hack Desk

This full wall desk and storage shelf combo allows for a huge amount of storage that’s always within hands reach. This would work great in a craft/ hobby room, or any area that needs a lot of storage space

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13. Ikea Kallax Bedroom Nightstand

The smaller 2×2 Kallax is perfect as a night side table or bedroom nightstand. Ample storage and creative decorative opportunities with this hack!

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14. Ikea Kallaxhi Dollhouse Hack

I just had to share this one, it was just too cute and nifty! It’s a cheap and easy way to make a dollhouse, that can be later converted back into a storage shelf when the kids outgrow it!

I think it would also look cute even without the roof (which would make it even easier to make)

15. Playroom /Nursery Hack

The 4 x 2 Kallax used horizontally is low to the ground and perfect for little children to grab and put away their toys/books.

This hack uses fabric pull out boxes to store away other kid stuff.

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16. Toy Storage

If you have a lot of toys, here’s another toy storage option with the 4×4 Kallax.

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17. Farmhouse Rustic Shelf

This gorgeous rustic – farmhouse styled- Kallax hack will add a decorative flare to your decor, while adding some extra storage to boot. Love the stained wood on this piece!

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18. Mid Century/ Vintage Dish Display Kallax Hack

What a great way to display and store beautiful vintage dishes/pots, etc. No need to hide these beaut’s behind a closed cabinet!

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19. Entryway Table / Console Hack

Redo your entryway with this inexpensive hack that has tons of storage and looks absolutely stunning!

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20. Coffee Bar/ Station

Enjoy making your coffee in a cute little coffee station using the smallest of the Kallax shelves. Store all things coffee, so that you don’t have to go very far to make your cup of java!

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21. Room Divider with TV Mount

To maximize small areas, you can use the Large Kallax shelf to divide areas up, while adding storage area at the same time.

I thought it was genius to mount that TV to the shelf too!

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22. Kitchen Cart/Moveable Island with Storage

If you don’t have enough room for a full island in the middle of your kitchen, then you’ll love this one. It will fit in most spaces, and can be moved out of the way if needed.

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23.Upright shelf/cabinet with mid Century Legs

This hack is simple but the impact is big. Adding a plain white backing and some decorative legs really turns this simple shelf into a stylish and chic display shelf.

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24. Chic Bedroom Dresser

Love the feminine touches to this Kallax dresser hack. Lovely in any bedroom or would look great anywhere else in the home too!

Love those subtle embossed designs on each door, along with the delicate hooped handles. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

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25. TV stand with Storage

This hack uses the Ikea Kallax and paints it in a stunning grey color. There is a TON of storage space with the inexpensive DIY TV stand, not to mention space to place some decorative items too!

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26. Alcohol/Drink Bar Station

Store all your drink ingredients and glasses in a nifty bar station. A fun way to store your party drink essentials in one place!

And this shelf doesn’t take much room, great for apartment living!

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27.Kallax Craft Storage Hack

If your a crafter, your going to love this one! I am smitten by the organization and storage ideas with this Kallax. No more paper clutter!

Also love the dividers to organize all the pens and other crafting supplies.

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28.Simple TV stand with Legs

If your short on space, this DIY TV stand will fit in smaller spaces. The legs on this shelf add a nice decorative touch and raise the stand so that your TV can be more eye level.

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29. Living Room Storage

Put 2, 2×2 Kallax’s together to form a larger storage unit thats simple and sleek. Lots of storage possibilities here, plus you can get creative and use the top to decorate with.

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30. Kallax Turned Glamorous Credenza

When I first saw this hack, I had to do a double take to make sure it was really a Ikea Kallax shelf hiding there somewhere. This hacker did a fantastic job transforming the standard shelf into something out of a magazine.

It’s stunning AND there is storage space behind those gorgeous mirrored doors. Win-win!

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31. Bathroom Vanity for Small Bathroom

Love how I hacker turned the Kallax into a Bathroom vanity with functional storage drawers, with some open shelves. Very clever, and way cheaper than traditional bathroom vanities that size!

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32. Craft Room /Office Storage

Another fabulous craft room/storage hack. This can also work for office spaces or work areas.

ikea kallax hack workstation craft room

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And there you have it 31 awesome Ikea Hacks that will give you more storage space in all areas of your home. I hope you enjoyed these creative and clever hacks by these talented individuals.

I hope your inspired to make your very own Ikea Kallax Hack. You won’t regret it! I’ll leave you with some extra money saving tips (because who doesn’t love saving money?!):

  • Try looking in the As-is Ikea section, you might just find the perfect shelf at a fraction of the cost!
  • If your okay with second hand, the Kallax shelves are pretty popular on Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace. a has
  • Check out some garage sales or local flea markets.
  • Ikea puts the Kallax shelves on sale at certain times of the year (keep an eye out for the sales)
  • Ask to purchase the floor model for an added discount

Finally, if your looking for some other easy Ikea Hack ideas, be sure to check this out:

Until next time, stay creative and nifty!

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Wednesday 11th of May 2022

Do you have any pictures of your puzzle and board game storage in the Kallax? Are there any inserts or dividers you found especially helpful for this purpose? Thanks!

Jasmine Khinda

Tuesday 17th of May 2022

Hi Jessa, I don't have any pictures of the inside of the Kallax. In terms of inserts, I used this box insert way I am able to store puzzle boxes, books, games in there. Hope that helps. Jasmine

Michele Stephenson

Friday 15th of January 2021

Hi there. The View Tutorial for IKEA KALLAX HACK DESK goes to a stamping website. I want to do this hack for my craft room. I have Expedit which is now Kallax and I want to add the desk. Thanks so much.

Jasmine K

Wednesday 3rd of February 2021

You are most welcome Michele!! Enjoy making your hack! Cheers, Jasmine

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