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7 Cheap IKEA Organization Hacks for Your Home

Learn these cheap Ikea organization hacks to get your home more organized ikea home organization hacks(1)


Organizing your home with doesn’t have to be expensive. Ikea is the perfect place to get ideas and to buy inexpensive items that will help you get your home more organized and tidy.

If you’ve read any of my other Ikea Hack posts, you’ll know that I love Ikea products (or perhaps a bit Ikea obsessed?!).  I enjoy doing hacks with popular Ikea items because they’re cheap, well made, have a clean/modern look to them, and are super functional to boot!

In this post I am sharing small/do-able and super easy hacks using Ikea items that have helped me get my home more organized over the years.

If you’re in organization mood and want some great tips, find out the 10 everyday things to declutter your home from Hello South Blog.

Oh yes, just in-case your wondering all items below are less than $20, so they’re affordable too!

Here’s the list…hope you enjoy!

1. Ikea Wall File Organizer To Help with Paper Clutter

Ikea Wall File Organizer

Organize all your papers (think mail, bills, school papers, etc) in a wall file organizer. If you want to organize you paper by category, simply add these DIY sticker labels to them, so your mail is more organized. This Ikea Kvissle wall file organizer $15 and can be mounted on any wall with simple screws.

This Ikea wall file organizer is also a great option for the home office!

2. Ikea Magnetic Chalkboard/ Mail/ Keys organizer

wall organizer kitchen command center(2)
I was super excited about this chalkboard when I found it at Ikea randomly. At $14, this multi-purpose magnetic chalkboard is a steal and it organizes many things in one small package.

I used it as a part of my DIY Ikea Family command center and it’s been amazingly useful!

For starters, you can organize your weekly schedule (Bujo style!) or even write down weekly menu plans on the chalkboard.
The chalkboard is also magnetic (which I love). We use it to stick things like paper invitations, coupons, movie tickets, etc.

Below the Luns magnetic chalkboard is an organizer for mail and bills. You can also use it to store other paper like flyers/newspapers, etc..

And at the very bottom are a couple of hooks, so you have a place to hand your keys, glasses, etc…

Another brilliant and cheap Ikea product!

3 Ikea Organization for the Kitchen: measuring cup and spoons organizer

ikea kitchen organization ideas

We used to keep our measuring spoons and cups in a drawer in our kitchen – but it was a challenge finding one when they were all mixed up together.

Our solution to this was to use this over the kitchen cabinet rail with hooks, so that they are all visible and can be picked out easily.

We got this rail from Ikea years ago, and unfortunately they have discontinued it. However I found a comparable over the cabinet towel bar on Amazon (for $10) along with the Ikea hooks.

4.Ikea Craft Organization: Ikea Sockerbit storage boxes

ikea organization bins craft room

These Ikea Sockerbit storage boxes/bins were super cheap at $3 each, and are so versatile, they can be used anywhere in the house.

What I loved about them is the front angled opening so its easier to see whats inside the bin.

This was a perfect way to organize my kids craft supplies. I used a label maker to label each bin, and then added all the craft supplies to them.

The kids don’t even have to pull the bins off the shelf to get their stuff, they simply reach in and grab what they need.

5.Ikea Organization: Drawers

ikea organization drawers konmari

These Ikea drawer Skubb storage boxes /dividers are great at organizing small kids clothes in drawers.

When my kids were younger I used to use them to organize diapers, creams, baby wipes in my kids nursery. I now use them to organize things like kids socks, bathing suits, hats, and even books!

These fabric Ikea organization drawers boxes would also be awesome if you fold your clothes a la KonMari!

They’re super affordable @ $6 for a pack of 6 multi size boxes

Oh yes, I had an extra divider box, so I used that to organize out night side table. It was the perfect size to put in a few books and I even snuck in a Kleenex box!

Here’s a picture of it:

ikea skubb box

6.Glass Jars for Kitchen Organization: Cereal Station

ikea organization kitchen

This is my latest organization hack/ Ikea organization hack. My kids are now old enough to help themselves to an easy meal like breakfast, but the problem was that our cereal cabinet is way too high for them to reach.

I thought this huge Ikea 365+ glass jar ($6) was a Nifty way to store the cereal on the counter for the kids to easily access. The lids come in a gorgeous wood option (the one in the picture above, or a glass lid)

The mouth of the jar is really wide, so you can use a scoop, to scoop up the cereal or whatever you put in it.

These Ikea jars would also work for pantry organization- for item like, sugar, flour, pasta, beans/lentils, nuts, rice, tea, etc.. And would be awesome for laundry room organization too (powder laundry detergent, etc..)

If your wondering about the labels, I used this super easy and cheap/free DIY sticker labels made out of packing tape to label my jars.

Along with the large glass jar, I bought 2 smaller Ikea Vardagen glass jars ($4 each!). I put slivered almonds and dried fruit in the jars, so that the kids can add on some fun and nutritious toppings to their cereal.

To give this cereal station a more pulled together/ cohesive look, I put them on this gorgeous Ikea wooden cutting board.

7. Ikea Drona fabric boxes for kid playroom / costume storageikea drona box playroom organization

The last of my Ikea organization hacks (for now!)

These Ikea Drona fabric boxes ($6) are both cheap and a great way to store just about anything. They fit perfectly inside any of the Kallax shelves, or you can store them on any open shelf, or even on the floor (like we did) as a dress-up costume bin in the kids playroom.

They are made of durable fabric and withstand a lot of wear and tear. And when they are not in use (which I doubt they will ever be), they fold up flat and can be stored away.

And there you have it! 7 nifty Ikea home organization hacks (all under $20) , that will get your home more organized and tidy on a dime! I’m sure this list will get longer eventually (I can’t seem to stay away from Ikea!). Anyways, hope you enjoyed it!

Finally, if your looking for some other easy Ikea organization hacks be sure to check this out:

Until next time, stay Nifty!


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Rebecca Lin

Friday 24th of April 2020

Are the sockerbit bins in a Kallax shelf? Are one of the bins placed on slightly on top of the other to make it fit?

Jasmine K

Monday 11th of May 2020

Yes those are the Sockerbit bins, in the Billy shelf. The Billy shelf is quite narrow so the only way they fit is by a slight overlap- you can still slide them out though. I hope that helps! :)

Albert Poppen

Tuesday 19th of November 2019

Thank you for your post. Looking forward to reading a lot more of your content regularly. I really hope to give something back and assist others just like you helped me.

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