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37 Gorgeous Art Journal Ideas for Some Inspiration

Easy Art journal Ideas To Fill Your Pages With

Looking for some art journal ideas that will inspire you to get more creative?

I’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re a student or someone who enjoys being more creative- art journaling can be a deeply satisfying practice.

While it’s a great way to practice your artistic skills, true joy comes when you use it to connect with yourself on a deeper level.

Think of art journals as your visual diary or a visual journal.

Each page tells its own story and is reflective of what you are feeling at that moment.

But sometimes, blank page /blank canvas anxiety can get to the better of us, and we don’t know where to start.

To help you get going, I’ve compiled a list of some gorgeous art journal ideas, examples, and techniques that will hopefully fuel you with inspiration to start your pages off.

Art Journal Supplies

You don’t need too many fancy things to start an art journal. Here’s are some basic items you could use to start out with ( you can always add to your collection as you go).

Art Journal Book

I personally use this book for my art journal and love it! The ring binding help to keep pages flat when it’s opened so you don’t have to use your hand (or elbow) to keep it open or flatten it -a problem with other non-ring bounded journals.

The pages are also nice and thick and you don’t have to worry about paint bleed through to the other side.

The pages are made for mixed media (meaning different types of paints, glues, pens, etc..)

I’ve used mediums like acrylics, watercolor and pen and ink and this journal has worked beautifully for each medium. Check it out on Amazon here.


You can buy a set of watercolor or acrylic paints – it depends on what you like to work with. I find acrylics easier for beginners. But watercolors are very enjoyable to work with too!

If you’re new to acrylics and want to learn more check out this how to paint with acrylics for beginners ultimate guide. If you’re looking to paint with watercolors, check out these watercolor painting ideas post.


Having a good set of brushes with different sizes and shapes will really open up to what you can create (different textures and forms) in your art journal. They don’t have to be expensive either. Check out this inexpensive set.


Crayons can be a great addition to your art journal collection. Especially if you want to work with mixed media.


Use ink based pens for outline, and detail work, or to write words, phrases and quotes within your art. OR heck- use a whole page (or 2) to write what’s on you mind! Art is not limited to only drawing 🙂

My favorite pen is the Tombow dual sided pen. You get 2 different tips that you can write/draw with(one hard and one soft), and the ink is super black and luscious.

Matt Medium

This matt medium will be super helpful if you decide to add some collage work to your pages (I.e. scraps of paper, photos, print outs, pictures from magazines pages, etc..).

The medium acts like a glue that will dry completely clear with a matt finish. You can then paint, draw, stamp over top of it to create a layered look.

Stamps and Stencils

Using stamps and stencils are not necessary, but it’s a fun option to add to your art journal stash as you experiment and create.

35+ Art Journal Idea

1. Paint Cheerful Daisies with One-Stroke Brush Techniques


Practice painting with a one-stroke technique and paint these easy and happy daisy flowers. Once you learn how to paint these daisies (with the one-stroke technique taught in the tutorial) then you can paint them a part of any art project. Check out the daisy painting tutorial.

2.Paint Easy Flowers with your Fingers!

finger painting flowers

The easiest thing to fill your art journal with are some fun finger painted flowers. All you need are some basic acrylic craft paints and your fingers! Check out some more inspiring flower painting ideas in this flower painting for beginners post.

3. Make Easy Coffee Art


Make an easy and relaxing coffee painting for your next art journal page. This easy (and cheap!) technique is not only simple, it’s also fun! And the ideas you can make with your morning cup of Joe is endless. Learn how to make coffee art in this tutorial.

4. Paint or Draw Some Aesthetic Mountains in a Pink sunset

mountain painting pink sunset

Paint in your art journal with some easy and gorgeous giant mountains in front of an aesthetic pink sunset sky. Add an inspiring quote to the sky or some sparkly stars and a moon. Check out the mountain painting tutorial here.

5.Beach Art with Nifty Sand Texture

Have fun with acrylic paints and adding some really cool sand texture in your art journal. Use this surprising ingredient that’s both super cheap and you probably have in your kitchen right now!

Also, you can practice your water and ocean painting skills with gorgeous tropical colored paints (using only 2 colors). And let’s not forget that super cute starfish on the shore!

Check out the tutorial here —> Easy beach painting in acrylic

6. How to Draw and Paint a Butterfly

In this beginner step by step tutorial you’ll learn how to both draw a butterfly and also how to paint it in, in any paint medium you choose: acrylic, watercolor, crayon, maker, gouache and more…

Never be afraid again about how to get those butterfly wings symmetrical with this easy drawing trick!

Flutter on over to the tutorial —> How to Paint A Butterfly

7. Easy Roses in 4 Steps!

Paint some colorful roses into your art journal with this fool-proof 4 step rose painting technique.

Tutorial can be found here —>How to Paint Roses

8.Paint a Galaxy Night Sky with a Serene Tree-Line

This galaxy night sky (milky way) is a perfect project for any beginner. You’ll learn how easy it is to blend acrylic paint with a sponge (amazing tool for beginners) and the perfect way to create stars in your night sky. How to Paint a Galaxy

9. Create an aged piece of paper using Tea bags or coffee

Add some old-school vintage pages in your art journal by using the technique shown in this tutorial. You can use the sheet music printable in the post or use your own handwriting or drawings overtop your aged-paper. How to Age Paper tutorial.

10. Create Beautiful Backgrounds with Scraps of paper

This gorgeous art journal spread was created with scraps of pretty paper, paints and some whimsical cut outs. Scrap paper backgrounds tutorial.

11. Tissue Paper Bleeding Art Background

Use gift wrap tissue paper and water to create some gorgeous backgrounds for your art journals. You’ll be amazed at how pretty they turn out- and its super fun! Click here for the Tissue Paper Bleeding Art tutorial.

12. Art Journal Self Portrait with Words

Feel intimidated about doing self-portraits? No problem! This beginners take on a self-portrait is even more reflective. Add meaningful words to the face portion- and you’ve got yourself an artistic/abstract self portrait. Totally love this! Art Journal Self Portrait

13. Paint a Sunset City Skyline of your City

Practice learning how to blend colors to make a beautiful sunset sky and finish off your painting with a custom skyline of the city you live in (or your favorite city to visit!). Also, you’ll have fun with some splatter paint techniques to make those magical stars in the sky! Head on over to the How to Paint a Sunset tutorial.

14.Use Q-tips to Paint Colorful Hydrangea Flowers


Switch up your traditional paintbrush and experiment with other quirky painting tools to achieve different textures and details.

Follow this step-by-step painting tutorial to learn how your can use Q-tips to paint Hydrangea flowers! It’s a fun technique and a nice change from paintbrushes!Check out the How To Paint Hydrangea Flowers step by step tutorial.

15. Use a Quote as Inspiration

Use a favorite quote as inspiration for an art journal page(s). This is a great way to get your creative juices flowing when you don’t know where to start! Quote Art Idea

16. Galaxy Journal Page with Quote

Painting a galaxy looks hard, but it’s actually pretty easy and fun! Check out how they add the perfectly speckled stars! Add in a favorite quote to finish things off.

17. Learn How to Paint Magical/Fantasy Clouds


Paint these magical clouds with only 3 paint colors and a quirky painting tool: Q-tips! This is a fun tutorial and a perfect addition to your art journal. Check out the How to Paint Clouds tutorial to find out how to paint these beauties.

18. Mixed Media Watercolor Flowers Journal Pages

Use some bright colors to liven up your art journal. Love how this artist created shapes and forms as she goes without thinking too much. This is proof that magic happens when you go with the flow!

19. At Journal Color Wheel

Want to learn more about color theory while adding to your art journal? This nifty journal page idea lets you do both! Learn how to mix colors and create tints and shades. You can even refer back to colors you create here for future pages /art pieces. Art Journal Color Wheel

20. Paint a Portrait of a Loved One

Learn how to take any picture you have, and paint a beautiful black and white portrait out of it. Zero painting experience required. Pick a special photo that you’d want to eternalize or even gift, and transform it into en epic art journal page.

21. Heart Inspired Painting with Textures

Heart painting ideas easy

Practice different and nifty textures without using a single paintbrush. Make these easy heart paintings and be amazed at what you can paint with normal household items like saran wrap, cotton swabs, and a credit card. These techniques can also make for some amazing art journal backgrounds!

22. Art Journal Doodles

Doodle in your art journal with your favorite foods! Use paints, markers or inks to create the foods. Art journal doodles

23. Hand of Abundance

Trace your hand then fill it in with things you are thankful for with paint, pens, inks, etc… A great art therapy type of project.

24. Watercolor Resist method – secret messages and patterns

Use white crayons to create secret designs and messages on your paper before you paint on it. Watch your secret designs come to life as you add watercolor paint on top. Watercolor resist art

25.Tea-Coffee Inspired Pages

Use as the background color in this art journal spread! Love the details of the tea bag labels. Tea and Coffee Art

26. Art Journal Cover Ideas for Moleskin Journals

Don’t forget about the cover of your journal! This art journal cover idea is pretty! Art Journal Cover Ideas

27. Art Journal Butterfly Page

Who doesn’t like butterflies? They represent transformation and positive change. Paint this light and refreshing blue inspired page in your art journal that has a beautiful butterfly as the focal point. Art Journal Butterfly Page

28. Textured Acrylic Storm Background

Paint this eye of the storm ocean scene with acrylic paints, then add a quote in the eye of the storm, for some added drama! Texture Storm Background

29. Bright Geometric Shapes Art

Create a vibrant and modern geometric inspired art journal page. Add in a quote to finish off. Geometric Shapes Art

30. Dried /Pressed Flower Art

Use some dried flowers from your garden to create this simple but gorgeous pressed flower journal art. Use a favorite quote, or just write whatever comes to your mind for the background. Dried and pressed flowers art

31. Travel Art Journal Doodles

Don’t let your travels stop you from art journaling! Instead, use your travels to inspire new art in your journal. Take notice of all you see around you and pick out your most favorite and paint, draw, doodle or write about it.

32. Summer Landscape Scene

Summer has an abundance of beautiful scene’s that you can paint or color. The rolling hills and beautiful magenta flowers in this scene are easy enough for a beginner to tackle. It’s a Simple and Easy Spread. Summer Landscape scene

33. Mandala flowers with Watercolor

I love how this artist combined mandalas and flowers on your art journal page. I definitely want to try this out myself. You can use either watercolor (like the picture, or acrylics would look great too!) Mandala watercolor flower art

34. Dried Flower Art page

Use your collection of dried flowers as inspiration in your art journal. Love how this artist glued the real flowers on one page, then she painted/colored/drew their interpretation on the other page. Nifty! Dried Flower Art

35.Watercolor Bubbles with Words

Use your watercolor paints to create a colorful background with bubbles and other patterns (using stencils). Add in a collage of words and you’ve got an interesting art journal spread! Watercolor bubbles with words

36. Lavender in acrylic paints and Qtips

Paint some lovely (and easy) lavender flowers by using cotton swabs ( Qtips) in your art journal. Use 1 type of purple and learn how to create different shades and tints of purple from it. Check out the how to paint lavender flowers tutorial.

37. Practice Watercolor Techniques

Practice your watercolor skills by using a page in your art journal dedicated to art journal techniques using watercolor. You can use these as inspiration for later artwork or pages. Watercolor techniques.

38. Abstract Painting Ideas

Use a combination of watercolor paint colors, crayons and/or pastels to create this gorgeous abstract art in your journal. Beautiful! Abstract Painting Ideas

39. Black and White Art Journal Spread

Challenge yourself to create black and white art -by using muted tones of black and white. A lack of color can be very powerful/moving in art pieces and pages. Black and White Art Journal Page

And now its your turn…

I hope you enjoyed the list of art journal ideas- and are inspired by some or all of these brilliant ideas and creations.

Now go grab some paint or a pen and get creating – your blank page awaits!

Until next time, stay Nifty!



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Thursday 20th of January 2022

I like your ideas - I am having a hard time doing art journaling - it is more of a scrapbook. I am not a very good at drawing

Jasmine Khinda

Wednesday 26th of January 2022

Thank you Karol! If you're enjoying the scrapbooking, then you're right where you need to be. It's okay not to draw/paint in your journal and instead use other mediums like paper and glue/stickers or things you would use in scrapbooking instead. As long as it's providing you joy that's what matters most 😊 Cheers, Jasmine


Tuesday 22nd of June 2021

So nice that you shared! Assuming we get into classrooms in August (instead of zoom, like last year) I'll use some in my art classes. We already do a "daily draw" (subject/ method introduced on Mon., & they get 10-15 min. at beginning of class to work on it while I take roll, room requirements, questions, etc. Finished product due Fri.----then, the rest of period for the "big weekly project). I'll tweak some to use for "daily draw" assignment. BTW... when polled, my kids' favorite art projects are 90% "the daily draw." I think yours will be a big hit and continue this high interest trend in my classroom.

Jasmine K

Saturday 17th of July 2021

That is awesome to hear so glad you find these art journal ideas useful! And I love the "daily draw" idea, thank you so much for sharing.

Cheers, Jasmine


Friday 21st of August 2020

Very nice, very appreciative for sharing.

Jasmine K

Friday 21st of August 2020

Most welcome, glad you enjoyed :)

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