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11 IKEA Bedroom Hacks -On a Budget!

Learn how to transform your bedroom into a designer worthy haven with some simple Ikea bedroom hacks- and on a budget!

Do you want make your bedroom the sanctuary you’ve always wanted but don’t have a lot of money to spend on it? Ikea Bedroom Hacks to the rescue!

I LOVE Ikea furniture.

But I know not everyone does.

The one main complaint I hear with Ikea furniture is: its too plain, simple and cookie cutter. Well my friends, I think that’s the BEST part!

Because it’s plain and simple (and cheap), you can do SO MUCH with it!

The artist in me wants to share an analogy with you.

Ikea furniture is like a blank canvas and you are the artist. If you use your creativity (which I know you have), you can transform it into a masterpiece work of [furniture] art.

Maybe it should be called Ikea Art instead of Ikea Hacks…that’s the crazy artist in me talking..

Before I ramble on too much about the art-form of Ikea Hacks, let’s talk about how to artfully transform some inexpensive Ikea furniture for your bedroom!

Which is why you are here.

From beds, to dressers, nightstands to closet hacks, I’ve rounded up some pretty amazing Ikea bedroom hacks done by some pretty amazing Ikea Artists / hackers.

Oh, and before we start, if you want more ideas like these, check out my full compilation of Ikea hacks (a collection of all-things-IKEA)

Now back to the Ikea Bedroom Hacks….get ready to be dazzled by some fabulous ideas….



Ikea Bedroom Hacks

1. Ikea Rask Hack – Farmhouse Nightstand

Cost: $90


This inexpensive Ikea Rast can be easily hacked with a bit of stain or paint, fancy drawer pulls and some chic Overlays. The style of this dresser/nightstand is inspired by farmhouse decor and would make a great rustic addition.[Read More]

2. Farmhouse Headboard Hack -for $10

diy headboard upholstered

Cost: $10


  • Cardboard box
  • Glue Gun
  • Ikea Duvet Cover
  • Old duvet or cotton batting

Use a simple cardboard box, an old duvet and an Ikea duvet cover to create an inexpensive headboard for any bedroom in your house. Perfect for dorm rooms and guest rooms. No one will be able to tell its made out of cardboard- and no power tools required! [Read More]

3. Ikea Closet Makeover with the Rast Dresser

Cost: $200

Materials :

Ikea Closet Makeover IKEA RAST hack by Ursula is an awesome way to get more organized closet space in your bedroom. You can customize the color of paint too if black doesn’t match your decor [Read More]

4. Ikea Gold Vintage Glam Dresser Hack

Cost: $210


Take the simple malm dresser and uses gold contact paper to transform it into an ultra glam vintage inspired dresser for your bedroom. Love THIS!

It also proves that you don’t need to do too much(or spend too much extra) to make IKEA Furniture into designer inspired pieces.[Read More]

5.Ikea Ekby Makeup Vanity



So This hack is actually done by Ikea themselves! Yay! They show how you can re-purpose the versatile Ekby into a bedroom vanity desk. It would be a great place to organize your makeup, skin care, hair products/appliances, etc..

Maybe I’m just obsessed with gold, but I think the bottom birch brackets would look totally glam spray painted with some Gold spray paint! I think I might need to implement this hack in the near future! I’m diggin it!

6.Bed Headboard Hack

Cost: $120


This is another one done by Ikea. Love how Ikea themselves are hacking away! This headboard is made out of an unexpected item: The Bekant desk screen! Its a privacy screen sold as a part of the desk office solution, but I love cozy it looks as a headboard.

It’s also convenient to clip on a lamp, and add some decorative pictures, artwork if you’d like! Genius! [Read More]

7.Ikea Tarva Nightstand Hack

Cost: $70 or less


Take the Ikea Tarva nightstand ($40) and use gorgeous walnut stain on one half, and chalk paint on the other half to create this mid century modern look. This project is even cheaper if you already have stain and chalk paint laying around! [Read More]

8. Ikea Tarva Dresser Hack

Cost: $300-350


This dresser hack might be a bit pricier than the rest, but its ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! AND it’s a perfect example of the many types of embellishments you can add-on to Ikea Furniture, dressers in particular.

Just changing the drawer pulls alone, to this gorgeous brass color, makes it more modern looking.

You might also notice the white lattice like pattern on the front of each drawer. Those are made from a company called Overlays and they make overlay patterns specially made for Ikea furniture.

The legs on the dresser have been changed too. They are made by another company called Pretty Pegs that makes pegs /legs for Ikea dressers.

I absolutely love this dresser hack! From the color to all the the embellishments. It’s worth every penny.

On that note, I have been dying to do an Ikea hack with both Overlays and Pretty Pegs. I’ve seen some pretty amazing hacks with them, like the one above.[Read More]

9. Ikea Tarver dresser hack (DIY overlays)

Cost: $200


This dresser option is a bit cheaper than the one above. I love how this blogger uses painted wooden dowels to recreate the look of the Overlays. Very smart! [Read More]

10. Ikea End of Bed Seating Bench Hack

Cost: $100


Re-purpose an old Ikea coffee table into a seating bench at the foot of your bed, brilliant!

This hack might be cheaper if you can find one second hand or have one at home you don’t use. Since you’ll be spray painting it, it doesn’t matter if its old and scratched up [Read More]

11. Ikea Raskog Cart Night side table

Price: $30


Ikea Raskog Cart is seriously versatile. I’ve seen people use it in all areas of the house. Love the simplicity and functionality of this hack, using it as a night side table!

Also, loving that vintage alarm clock, simply chic! [ Read More]

12. Ikea Billy Hack Shoe Closet

Cost: $200 (for all 4 Bookcases)


If you’re a shoe lover, your going to LOVE this closet organization hack. Talk about dream shoe closet! IF I had the space in my closet, I would definitely do this hack.

This hack is put together using 4 Ikea Billy Bookshelves, simple as that! You can do so much with the Billy…I can vouch for that, since I own 6 of them( yes, 6!), all for different areas of the home and purposes. One of them is for a DIY Small Kitchen pantry. From kitchen to bedroom, the Billy is one serious versatile piece of furniture!

Design a Bedroom you Love….

I hope you enjoyed all the Ikea Bedroom Hacks above. From beds, to closet organization to dresser hacks (and lets not forget that amazing shoe closet!), you can design a beautiful expensive looking bedroom- for cheap!

Which hack is your favorite? leave a comment below and let me know!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.